Perfect Your Mic Technique For Voiceover Recordings

See how to position yourself and your mic to get the best results when recording voiceover. Then, explore how to edit the results for a great voice track.  

Voiceover is one of those aspects of audio recording that perhaps doesn't seem as glamorous as singing rock vocals, but it's a vital part of film, TV, radio, podcasting and more. And bad voicover really shows up anything it's played over. Luckily in this short video from the course Logic Pro X 305: Voiceover Recording And Editing, Jonathan Slatter is here to show you how to record and edit great voiceover in Logic Pro X!

In this video, Jonathan demonstrates one of the most crucial things you have to get right - mic placement. Just like with singing, the way the speaker positions themself relative to the mic is very important and will affect both the performance and the results. He also demonstrates different ways of speaking into the mic for different effects. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in this course where Jonathan goes on to show you how to edit your voice tracks for great results. 

Watch the full course Logic Pro X 305: Voiceover Recording And Editing in the Ask.Audio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

Logic Pro X 305: Voiceover Recording And Editing

Voiceovers are everywhere: Commercials, Films, TV shows, radio and even instructional videos! That’s why, as an engineer or even as a voiceover artist, you need to know how to capture, edit and produce the best-sounding voice recording possible. In this course by Jonathan Slatter, you learn everything you need to know about professional voiceover recording.

This course starts at the source: The Voice and Microphone. You learn about the VO signal flow and how to get your mic setup to record high quality tracks in Logic Pro. Jonathan then jumps in to his custom VO booth to explain the essential tools, acoustical treatments and performance techniques needed to get the very best vocal sound.

A big part of running a VO session is setting up a Logic template in advance. In this section of the course, Jonathan shows you how he created his custom template, specifically designed for voiceover recording and editing. (Be sure to download the resource file included with this course)

Next up is a collection of tutorials about recording and editing. Logic has some amazing tools to capture, move, edit, replace, time-compress and clean-up voiceover audio. You learn them all! This is followed by a section on “voicing to picture” and how to synchronize the video and audio to complete the task.

Join Jonathan Slatter and take in everything you need to know to record voiceovers in Logic Pro!

Watch the full course Logic Pro X 305: Voiceover Recording And Editing in the Ask.Audio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

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