Patching A Buchla-Style Synth In NI Reaktor

Enrol for free to watch this hands-on demonstration of patching Reaktor Blocks to build an awesome Buchla style synth. Patch along and ask questions as you go!  

Buchla synths are much admired, but also expensive and relatively rare. But what if you could make a Buchla style synth using Native Instruments' Reaktor Blocks? That's precisely what Matthew Friedrichs will be showing you in this FREE live MasterClass! Using his Lyrebird Reaktor Blocks synthesizer, Matthew will take you on a tour of exotic West Coast patches and timbres. Grab a copy and patch along... or just join the live video stream for free, sit back and watch! You will learn why West Coast modulators are so radically different from their East Coast counterparts as well as how to build a self playing patch.

Enrol for free by clicking here and get full access to this live video MasterClass. You can patch along and also ask questions in realtime. 


This is a unique opportunity to learn from an expert how to fully take advantage of Reaktor Blocks to create a Buchla style synth. The MasterClass starts on Tuesday July 25th, 2017 at 12:00 pm (PT) / 8pm (UK) / 9pm (CET). 

You can grab a copy of the synth here. The first one hundred Ask Audio readers to use offer code “askaudio” when purchasing Lyrebird will get a generous $20 discount.

Here's more info about the synth:

"Lyrebird is a complete and fully modular Reaktor Blocks synthesizer built upon the groundbreaking ideas of the electronic music box from Berkley, California. Lyrebird not only brings all of the features of the West Coast classic back from the past, it has also adapted them for further sonic exploration. Just like every other Block built by Matthew Friedrichs, Lyrebird challenges the current, stagnant paradigm of software and hardware synthesizer emulation."

"The complex oscillator is the cornerstone of West Coast synthesis, and it can now load two separate samples that can be twisted and evolved with wavefolding, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, and every possible combination between them. Each sample you load becomes its own ecosystem for you to explore. Lyrebird can also load in any samples from leading wavetable soft synths, so you will not need to leave your favorite sounds behind as you go on your latest aural adventures."

Enrol for free by clicking here and get full access to this live video MasterClass.  

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