Parallel Processing Using Maschine

Parallel processing is an important technique fore every producer to know about. Here's how you can do it using the Maschine software and hardware.  

Native Instruments' Maschine is one of the most all-round capable instruments and controllers on the market and in this short video, Maschine expert Matt Cellitti delves into some of the best insider's tips, tricks and techniques that you really need to know. In this video, he looks at parallel processing, one of the most essential mixing techniques in the production process. 

Since Maschine is not a fully fledged DAW, it isn't always immediately obvious how to set up parallel processing - in this case parallel compression - but Matt uses live video of the hardware and software in action to explain just how it works. If you want to get the most out of your Maschine system and exploit all its capabilities, these truly are tips that you can't live without! Check out the rest of the course for even more insider knowledge. 

Watch the full course Maschine 201: 10 HOT TIPS (that you can't live without) in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Maschine 201: 10 HOT TIPS that you can't live without

NI Maschine is much more than a controller/software hybrid. It’s an instrument. And like any instrument, there is always something new to discover, new things to practice, new techniques to master, and new sounds to experiment with. NI Product Specialist and trainer Matt Cellitti draws from his vast knowledge and experience to show you a collection of powerful tips that will sharpen up your Maschine chops and spark your creativity!

In this advanced “HOT TIPS“ course, Matt opens up his bag of tricks and reveals the best ones to you. Join him, and learn some sophisticated mixing and routing techniques, extremely cool sampling and recording tips, and incredibly useful and powerful workflow strategies. It only takes one production trick to spark a creative idea, here you’ll find 10 of the best.

So sit back, and get ready to energize your brain with these exclusive Maschine tips. If you love working with Maschine, this collection of power-user tips and tricks is a must view!

Watch the full course Maschine 201: 10 HOT TIPS (that you can't live without) in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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