Overloud Releases Comp G - VCA Master Bus Compressor

Overloud tells us their latest audio plugin, Comp G, is a revolutionary digital plugin simulation of the legendary British VCA Master Bus compressor. Here's the full details, including video.  

Modena, Italy–April 24th, 2018

Overloud releases Comp G, the revolutionary simulation of a legendary British VCA Master Bus compressor. Comp G goes beyond the mere simulation of the original unit, by adding features not available in the hardware, like the mid-side processing, the parallel compression and and EQ on the sidechain.

Comp G is the latest product of a new high-end Overloud plugin line, called Gems, dedicated to mixing and mastering.

Comp G is the ultimate tool for professional engineers who mix with no compromises.

Overloud Comp G features.

Comp G Features

  • Hyper-realistic simulation of the original unit thanks to the 4th generation dsp technology: Built-in Parallel Compression, Built-in Mid-Side Processing, Built-in filters on the Sidechain.
  • Continuous time and ration selection
  • Low CPU usage: more than 1000 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina: Multilevel undo-redo, A/B Comparison.
  • Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel
  • Meter Calibration: calibrate the VU meters at 4 different sensibilities

Comp G introductory offer

Comp G is available as VST, AudioUnit and AAX plug-ins as well as stand-alone application, 32 and 64 bit for macOS and Windows operating systems.

Comp G is available at the introductory price of €89 / $89 until May 7th 2018. The list price is €139 / $139.

Web: overloud.com/compg 

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