Output Unveils Arcade v.1.1.0 Update, Many Workflow Enhancements

In-app updating, scalable GUI and one-click download of kits are just a few of the big new features in this important update to Output's loop synth. Here are the details.  

Output has unveiled the latest update to Arcade, its powerful, playable loop synth and it's a free download for existing users. Read our Arcade 1.0 review here. Check out the video below to see and hear what's new.

What's new in 1.1.0

  • Download all kits in a Line with a single click
  • Global pitch transposition via lower keyboard octave
  • Sort by Recently Downloaded
  • Manual entry of parameters via double click + QWERTY
  • Improvements to scrolling within a Line
  • Auto-update notifications/in-app updates
  • Scalable GUI (bigger and smaller)
  • Drag multiple user loops to the keyboard instead of just one
  • Select multiple loop keys and apply a parameter setting to the selection
  • Copy/swap loop keys
  • Copy/swap FX modules

This will also apparently be the very last time anyone will have to manually download from the account page, as every update from here will be in-app. To update your plugin, log into your account and head to downloads: https://output.com/account/downloads

Find out more about the update: https://output.com/blog/arcade-v1-1-update
Read our Output Arcade 1.0 Review: https://ask.audio/articles/review-output-arcade

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