Originals Rare Flutes

Spitfire's Originals makes rare instruments accessible and affordable to everyone. Originals Rare Flutes includes 8 sampled flutes from around the world, performed by renowned flautist, Andy Findo.

Originals Rare Flutes bestows an extraordinary collection of flutes, sourced from all over the globe, performed by world renowned flautist, Andy Findon. This library contains woodwinds, such as the Bansuri and Chinese bamboo flute, to add a unique palette to your compositions.

Originals Rare Flutes 

Delicate and exquisite, these artisanal instruments were purposefully recorded dry in order to allow more control over the sound.  With a central focus on the tone of each woodwind and three distinctive signals, (Close, Room and Super Reverb) you have the option to give your sound warmth, sharpness or ambiance — or blend all three signals to create something truly exquisite.

Originals Rare Flutes

Key Features

  • Played by Europe’s most recorded flautist, Andy Findon
  • Recorded dry to allow you more control over your sound
  • Rare woodwinds not found in any other Spitfire library currently available


  • A collection of eight instruments split into Long and Short Articulations:
    • Chinese bamboo flute
    • Contrabass Flute
    • Fujara
    • Chinese Membrane Flute
    • Mid Ocarina
    • Low Ocarina
    • Bansuri
    • Low Pan Pipes


  • Close – A close mix of the ribbon microphones, for a clear yet warm sound
  • Room – A stereo room pair, giving a tight and compact sound
  • Super Reverb – A reverb signal with a long decay created by analogue processing effects


  • Reverb – Controls the amount of reverb
  • Release – Controls the amount of release trigger, only affects Longs patches
  • Tightness – This cuts further into the note to make it tighter, but reduces realism
  • Vibrato – Controls the amount of vibrato

Download Size

3.94 GB

The Spitfire Audio Originals Series

Originals is a series of inspiring sample libraries making rare and classic instruments accessible to all for just £29 / $29 / €29 —  meticulously sampled in authentic detail, with no compromise on recording quality. This is the 19th library in the series. NKS compatible, users can tailor these sounds to suit a range of scoring styles and genres through a range of carefully curated signals, presets and controls.  The plugin is designed to be incredibly useful and inspiring straight out of the box, with presets loading up with controls set in the way they are intended to be used.


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Spitfire Originals Rare Flutes: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/originals-rare-flutes

AskVideo Orchestration Flutes and Oboes: https://macprovideo.com/course/orchestration-flutes-and-oboes


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