ORAC: A Break-Through For Open Source Synths, Samplers & Sequencers

ORAC is such an incrediblly useful and diverse solution for open-source music machines like Critter & Guitari's Organelle, it's difficult to describe what it is. This video does the job though!  

For those of us using open-source hardware synths/music machines like Critter & Guitari's Organelle, you'll probably know that using Pure Data you can build your own patches and turn the machine into a synth, sequncer, sampler, looper, and so much more. But what if you don't know how to use Pure Data, or simply don't have the time to learn to use it... or you want to run multiple patches on the Organelle (or other open-source synths)?

There is a solution. And it's called ORAC.

Fortunately, Loopop is here to break down what it is, why it's so friendly for the non-programmers amongst us, and demonstrate how it works with Critter & Guitari Organelle and other synths and modular systems. Oh, and ORAC supports Ableton Link too...

Here's what Loopop says about ORAC:

The open source music community is blooming with creative ideas – unique sequencers, synths, loopers and effects are being shared by many innovative creators – from well-known commercial contributors like Mutable Instruments and projects like Pure Data and SuperCollider, to independent hobbyists posting innovative ideas on various forums.

The problem with open source music platforms like Organelle, Raspberry Pi, Bela and others is that there’s no easy to use "glue" to connect one idea with another.

Hardware musical instruments have MIDI, Eurorack has control voltage and patch cables, and VSTs have DAWs, but if you want to connect one open source project with another, you've got to dive into the source code, whether it's C++, or even the visual Pure Data, something that is outside the reach of most musicians.

With today's release of Orac, by developer Mark Harris ("Techno Bear"), that can change. Orac, short for "Organelle Rack" but in no way limited just to that platform, is an open source project designed to be the glue that open source music projects need.

Orac is a musician friendly environment that makes connecting music-oriented open source components as easy as connecting a MIDI cable. Orac can host these components, easily link them together in sequential or parallel tracks, pass around audio and MIDI data, keep everything in sync (along with Ableton Link support), and support full MIDI in and out, including MIDI learn for easy controller mapping.

Orac also supports saving entire patches as presets, so once you created a layout, it's easy to store and recall it.

Orac for Organelle is available for free right now on https://patchstorage.com/orac/

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