OM-1 Cassette Tape Synthesizer To Feature Ribbon Control Add-On For Sliding Sounds

Remember the Onde Magnétique OM-1 cassette tape synthesizer we featured on AskAudio that almost broke the internet? Well, there's more good news from as they're making a ribbon control add-on for it.  

The OM-1 not only caught the attention of yours truly, but also that of the synth-loving audio community at large when we featured it on 18 July 2016. Now, Scott Campbell, the man behind Onde Magnétique, has announced his plans to include a pitch ribbon controller add-on for the OM-1. The video below is a quick demo of how it'll work.

If you look at many MIDI controllers like Komplete Kontrol or DJ controllers, you’ll notice swipe-friendly ribbon strips that can be used instead of pitch and mod wheels, or mapped to a multitude of functions. Now imagine having one of these to play notes on the awesome OM-1 cassette tape synthesizer and you can imagine how this will likely be a lot of fun.

Here’s what Scott tells us about the new pitch ribbon add-on:

“The OM-1 will eventually include a pitch ribbon add-on (each OM-1 will ship with a jack for the ribbon input). Finished ribbons will be available for purchase, but I'll also be giving away instructions to build your own for next to nothing.” 

Here's a quick demo of the prototype:

And in case you missed the original video of the OM-1 cassette synthesizer in action (or are too lazy to click this link to see it in our original article) check it out below:

Due to unprecedented demand, pre-orders for hand-built $285 OM-1 Cassette Synthesizers are now closed. But you can sign up to the waiting list below. 


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