O-Blek By LDM Design Is A Powerful, Probability-Based Sequencer For Ableton Live

Go beyond regular MIDI sequencing in Ableton Live with this unusual stochastic sequencer device that uses probability to determine how patterns are generated - for unusual results.  

O-Blek is a stochastic sequencer with individual length options to offset and produce dynamic, ever-changing patterns easily. By setting the probability at each step of which of 3 sequences are played , combined with separate sequence lengths for velocity, octave shift, note length, gate, harmony and 2 set parameters the result is controlled chaos. Easily set parts of the sequence to be fixed, and other parts directed by probability.




The piano roll works much like the one in Ableton, you simply click the mouse to add or remove notes. This is essentially a mono sequencer so only one note can be placed in each step, although there are other ways to create harmony shown later. If a scale is set, as above, then the piano roll will display the octaves with a darker gray colour. If you hold shift and click any step, this will not change the note, but will select the step in the probability section to the left. Also, the note value will display to the bottom right of the piano roll for wherever the mouse is hovering.


This section is essentially a Markov node to set the probability of which sequence will be played at each step. The step can be selected at the top, or by holding shift and clicking the desired step in the piano roll. The sliders represent what % of probability each sequencer has of playing, so as you change one, the others will also change to reflect the true probability in proportion to the other sliders. This allows for a clear visual indicator of real probability values.


Here there are sequencers for 6 elements other than the note value set in the piano roll. Select which element to edit by clicking the tab on the left. The value for any element is displayed to the bottom right of the sequencer.

Each sequencer is by default locked to the piano roll. This means it has the same number of steps and will also play in the same direction as set for the piano roll. If this is unlocked then the sequence can have a different number of steps and its own individual direction of play.

Price: £13.99

Needs: Live 9.7.5 or higher

Web: https://isotonikstudios.com/product/o-blek/

Learn Ableton Live inside out: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=category/audio/application/ableton

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