Now You Can Rent-To-Own iZotope Ozone 8 and Neutron 2

Spread the cost of buying these iZotope tools and end up owning the license. This new model looks like very good news for musicians and producers everywhere.  

Complex software takes a lot of time and effort to design, build and support. This means that advanced tools can run into hundreds of dollars, and that's not always so easy for everyone to stretch to. Some developers have gone down the subscription route, but this is not without its problems. Sure, it's more flexible, but as soon as you stop paying, you lose access either to the application or certainly to any future updates. 

The good folks at Splice have come up with a new model - rent-to-own.  And they have partnered with iZotope to offer two of their flagship products - Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 - on this deal. Here's how it works. 

"Rent-to-Own is a modern and affordable distribution model for music software. Through Rent-to-Own, musicians pay off plugins month by month until they own the license. Rent-to-Own makes world-class creative tools accessible to musicians who otherwise couldn’t afford them, and in the process combats software piracy in an industry that faces an estimated 95% piracy rate. What’s more, it gives musicians a path to ownership of their gear, unlike traditional subscription models that do not empower musicians to build equity by owning their tools."

The plans run for 25 months and you can pause or cancel at any time. There's no interest to pay. It's a model that will really help a lot of musicians spread the cost of buying their software, and unlike a subscription service, you fully own the product at the end of the term. We'd hope to see more developers offering this as an option in future. 


Advanced bundle (both applications Advanced editions) - $27.99/month

Standard bundle (both applications Standard editions) - $14.99/month


Ozone 8 Advanced and Neutron 2 Advanced individually - $19.99/month each

All plans start with a 3 day free trial. For a limited time, Splice is offering anyone who has started a Rent-to-Own plan for iZotope Standard products the ability to upgrade to an Advanced plan. Any amount paid toward a Standard plan can be put toward an Advanced plan. The offer expires on February 23rd. Learn more at

Learn more about iZotope's tools in the Ask.Audio Academy:

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