Now You Can Easily Send MIDI Messages From Any Computer

This genius, free, open-source tool, SendMIDI, from Geert Bevin is going to make life so much easier for developers or anyone wishing to send MIDI messages straight from their computer's command line.  
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The incredibly talented music app programmer Geert Bevin has worked on projects you'll probably be aware of, from LinnStrument to Moog Model 15. Late on Friday he announced on his Facebook page the release of the free SendMIDI, a multi-platform command-line tool makes it very easy to quickly send MIDI messages to MIDI devices from your computer. It uses the awesome JUCE library.

As Geert explains, "after years of muddling around when having to send NRPNs, CC messages, specific Note On/Off messages, and other MIDI messages to MIDI devices ... I decided it was time to write a little tool that makes sending MIDI messages from the command line very easy. So after a couple of hours of work today, here's SendMIDI, hope you'll find it useful too!"

While SendMIDI is primarily intended for "configuration or setup through Continuous Control, RPN and NRPN messages", Geert has made sure many other MIDI messages can also be sent.

SendMIDI is free, open-source and easy to build yourself. You can download pre-built binaries from the release section:

When it comes to using SendMIDI it couldn't be easier. Below, Geert Bevin explains how. You can find out more on the SendMIDI Github page.

"To use it, simply type "sendmidi" or "sendmidi.exe" on the command line and follow it with a series of commands that you want to execute. These commands have purposefully been chosen to be concise and easy to remember, so that it's extremely fast and intuitive to quickly shoot out a few MIDI messages."

These are all the supported commands:

 dev   name           Set the name of the MIDI output port (REQUIRED)
  list                 Lists the MIDI output ports
  file  path           Loads commands from the specified file
  ch    number         Set MIDI channel for the commands (1-16), defaults to 1
  on    note velocity  Send Note On with note (0-127) and velocity (0-127)
  off   note velocity  Send Note Off with note (0-127) and velocity (0-127)
  pp    note value     Send Poly Pressure with note (0-127) and pressure (0-127)
  cc    number value   Send Continuous Controller (0-127) with value (0-127)
  pc    number         Send Program Change number (0-127)
  cp    value          Send Channel Pressure value (0-127)
  pb    value          Send Pitch Bend value (0-16383)
  rpn   number value   Send RPN number (0-16383) with value (0-16383)
  nrpn  number value   Send NRPN number (0-16383) with value (0-16383)





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