Now You Can Easily Create Interfaces For Kontakt Using Rigid Audio's WYSIWYG Kontakt GUI Maker

Ready to pre-order, The Kontakt GUI Maker, is designed to make designing interfaces for Kontakt instruments a breeze thanks to Rigid Audio. OS X Version is coming soon after too.  

4th July, 2016–The KONTAKT GUI Maker is a new software for Native Instruments KONTAKT 5 Sampler, that helps you in the process of designing graphical user interfaces for KONTAKT instruments.

It lets you position and manipulate controls directly on the screen. Once you are done, you can export a KONTAKT-ready script file.

Rigid Audio Kontakt GUI Maker

Planned features for the first (v1.0) release

  • assigning basic operations to UI elements.
  • assigning pre-made functions to UI elements.
  • basic included operations like set_volume, change_pan, set_reverb_amount and so on.
  • import of PNG image strips. If a *.TXT file exists for that particular image, the contents will be read and used/displayed accordingly.
  • editing of UI properties like name, picture-file, no. of images, width, heigth, mouse, automation name/allow, help text, min, max and default values.
  • on screen positioning and arranging of UI elements.
  • on screen image animation preview using the mouse wheel.
  • customizable on_init block.
  • customizable on_async_complete, on_ui_control, on_controller, on_listener, on_note, on_pgs_changed, on_poly_at, on_release, on_rpn/nrpn and on_ui_update blocks.
  • support for UI tables with custom width, height, range and colours. resizable on screen, set_table_steps_shown().
  • message output.
  • control over make_persistent, read_persistent_var.
  • support for text input fields and ui_labels.
  • user definable central readout display (shows labels / control names + values).
  • user expandable script library.

It is currently in development and can be pre-ordered from Rigid Audio directly.


Release Date: 1st October 2016

Release Platform: Windows, Desktop-Application (OS X release may follow shortly after)

Release Price: $99 USD

Pre-Order Price: $49 USD (save %50)

More information:


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This works. May I recommend it? Still in beta and prone to occasional weirdness (and a slightly tricky install) but worth buying for the currently offered half-price. Once you get the hang of it you can replace any of their library GUI elements with your own png pictures (animated dials, titles, backgrounds etc). Then simply drag a dial onto the workspace and dig into the hundreds of possible scripts that can be assigned to it. These alone are worth the cost as they let you into the depth of complexity available to the experienced Kontakt programmer (I am not one). For example, you can create a dial that varies the amount of the Multi-LFO to the filter cut-off, and then assign another dial to vary the depth of the Multi-LFO wave using the Sine-LFO wave... and so on. One of the simplest and most effective scripts is possibly the one that lets you dial-up the sample startpoint.

The program sets up a master script in Kontakt 4 and 5 that immediately responds to your updates so you can see and hear the new instrument taking place in the real world.

I have had no end of design fun with this program and will never go back to using off the shelf interface scripts again. Now available on Mac OS too.

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