Not Just For Guitarists - Alternative Uses for Distortion to Spice Up Any Mix

Don't imagine for a second that distortion effects belong only in the domain of our guitar wielding friends. Distortion is for everyone! Artists from EDM to Country are embracing it and so can you!  

Distortion is often thought of as an effect primarily used on guitars, bass guitars, and in some cases synthesizers. However, emerging electronic music, along with all forms of Pop, R&B (and even Country music) are showing new, creative and imaginative uses for distortion that go beyond simply processing a single, stringed instrument. Join me in a quick foray through some additional ways of using distortion outside the regular, rock n' roll mould.

Beefing up Drums!

Usually, if you pile a lot of distortion on a your drums you will definitely loose some of the punchiness, low-end and fidelity. But, one trick that works well for me, and several other producers is to create a parallel track, where a separate, sub-mix of the drums are being played along side the original, clean version of the drums. The end result is a beefier kit that isn't probably as '

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