Nono Modular Space Case, Foldable, Travel Friendly Eurorack Cases That Are Beautiful & Practical

Nono Modular space cases are the new eurorack cases with the traveling synth player in mind. They bring together the human and machine aspects in three different cases for different needs.  

Cases for modular synths come in all shapes, sizes and designs. But there's something about the newly announced Mono Modular Space case series that caught our eye. Where some cases tend to focus on either the aesthetics or utility, Nono modular cases do a good job of doing both. 

As anyone with a Eurorack or modular synths setup knows, the modules in cases can take up a lot of space and look like they're permanently installed where you set them up. The Nono modular space cases are compact, foldable eurorack cases, designed to take up little space. The focus, as you'll see if you watch the video below, is on the relationship between the human need and the machine's capabilities. Did I mention they look pretty sweet too?

They've just been launched on Kickstarter with a €16,000 goal. Within minutes they've almost reached 1/16th of the goal with 20 days still to go.

There are three eurorack cases to choose from:

  • Orbiter 2.84
  • Rover 1.60
  • Lander 3.84

Here's some info on Nono Modular space cases:

These eurorack cases are designed to meet the needs of musicians who travel a lot and therefore need compact, foldable cases, which give the most while taking up little space. Efficient companions for your setup. Built and assembled with great care, with prime quality material, by expert craftsmen directly in Brianza, manufacturing centre of the best Italian design.

The series is composed of 3 case, 3 format for 3 space experience.

Nono Modular Space case 

Lander 3.84

Lander 3.84
  • special travel case
  • 3x 84hp ROWS
  • Black anodize rails with brass threaded strip with M3 threads
  • a padded space for storing cables, power bricks, spring tanks and accessories.
  • Robust and foldable while patched.
  • Inspired by the design of old, glorious synths.
  • Built with new materials and high-quality mechanics.
  • Antimatter dark grey color

Orbiter 2.84

Orbiter 2.84
  • Orbiter 2.84, Classic format, for vertical or horizontal use.
  • 2x 84hp ROWS.
  • Black anodize rails with brass threaded strip with M3 threads.
  • Robust and foldable while patched.
  • Built with new materials and high-quality mechanics.
  • Available in 4 colors.
  • Ideal if you’re looking for an easy to carry, high-quality case.

Power details of the ORBITER powered version:

  • ARREL audio ER-160 module.
  • 2 bus board

Rover 1.60

Rover 1.60
  • Rover1.60, special edition mini case, a small device for agile moon landings.
  • A single 60hp ROW
  • Robust and foldable while patched
  • Small format to gather ideas and a savoured module selection for a mini modular setup.
  • 2 piezo pads mounted on the lid for rapid tricks.
  • Built with new materials and high-quality mechanics.
  • Available in 4 colors.
  • Shoulder strap.

Power details of the ROVER powered version::

  • ARREL audio ER-160 module.
  • 1 bus board.


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