No More Waiting Lists, 808 Analog Drum Machine Clone, 8RAW8, Soon Available For All

The 8raw8 is a Roland TR-808 clone. It's analog, sounds excellent, looks beautiful, and doesn't come with a sequencer. It's about to get a lot easier to buy one though. That's the good news.

There is an analog drum machine made in France 
That can be heard in music like House and in Trance
It is a clone of an 808
Gives you its sounds on a plate
Add your own sequencer and you're all set to dance.

The limmerick above reminds me why I gave up writing limmericks! But we're here to focus on the good news about the 8RAW8 analog TR-808 drum machine clone. You might have caught our article about it back in July last year.

It's the 808, but without a built-in sequencer. Not a deal-breaker with all the sequencer options available today from Arturia to Circklon, Polyend to Circuit / Circuit Mono Lab... but, it was previously only available via pre-order. We got news in from 8raw8 that is about to change. Each unit will still take some time to assemble, which adds to a presonalized buying experiene, but their online store is about to open up and allow you to buy your own 8raw8 analog drum machine much quicker than ever before.

The 8raw8 is a beautiful analog drum machine.


Here's a video from January of the 8raw8 being sequenced by an Akai Pro MPC:

8RAW8 Main Features

  • 11 Analog drum voices + Accent
  • Separate Output for each voice
  • Master Output
  • Through Hole electronic components
  • Ultra Fast MIDI processing
  • BassDrum Tune Mod
  • HandClap VCA Mod
  • Rock solid Aluminium Chassis
  • Quality Alpha™ potentiometers
  • Moog Style rotary knobs
  • Dimensions: 435x290x90mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 3kg

Price: 599€

8raw8 Web

8raw8 Facebook



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