NLE Releases New Course - Cubase Studio Series Recording Guitars

Learn how to record every type of guitar and bass in Cubase, from electrics to acoustics, with this comprehensive and advanced new video course.  

NLE has released a new, 25-video course in the Cubase Studio series. In this advanced course, expert producer Joshua Carney shows you everything you need to know to take your guitar recording and production skills in Cubase to the next level.

Cubase Studio Series: Recording Guitars

Josh begins by explaining your input options and signal levels, before moving on to the business of DI recording. You'll learn about lane comping, punch recording and then the various VST amp rack models, virtual pedals and more. Then it's on to bass, and the specific techniques you'll need to know to get a great bass recording.

Mic types and techniques are next, before a detailed discussion of guitar and bass amp recording techniques. Josh covers re-amping before finally moving on to the process of recording acoustic guitars. Check out this course for a complete guide to everything you need to know about the many and varied ways you can record guitars in Cubase. Own this course for just $29.99 or subscribe to the library and get access to every course for just $15/month.

Watch the course Cubase Studio Series: Recording Guitars:

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