Next Korg Volca Synth To Have Unusual, Unexpected Feature?

It's no suprise than Korg are working on new volca machines. But we're very curious by this statement from VP of Korg Inc about the unusual feature coming to the next volca.  

We've just listened to the latest episode of the Korg microkast podcast where John McCubbery, VP of KORG Inc., has revealed that Korg are working on more new Volcas. These small yet powerful music machines have proved to be quite a hit amongst producers of every budget. This in itself is hardly breaking news. However, tha Japanese MI company have left us with a teaser. And after their recently released volca modular synth, Korg reckon they’ve got more surprises in store...

McCubbery is confident there’ll be a feature on a volca machine coming out later this year that no one will guess in advance. Of course, we love a challenge and have begun racking our brains as to what this new feature could possibly be! What area will the feature be to do with... sound design, synthesis, performance or control? Now that volcas have entered the modular world we wonder if modular effects boxes are the way forward. Imagine a volca tape delay effect! DJ performance may be on the cards, like a jog wheel for example... but why? What do you think the feature might be?

Stay tuned for more news on the new volca as we get it.

Listen to the Korg microKast episode 31.1 here:

What unusual or unique feature would you like to see on a new volca?


Watch video courses for the Korg volca machines here.

[Via: Korg microKast]


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