NEWS: Ken MacBeth M7-D Is A New Experimental Synthesizer In The Making

If only small form factor synths make you happy and you're not a fan of sliders, then turn away now!! ;-) Ken MacBeth has revealed a new prototype of a synth he's working on and it looks cool!  

Ken MacBeth is working on a a new concept synth, M7-D. As SonicState point out "it seems to be based on the large format M5/M5N" which basically mean it'll be a big boy! Here's some more reasons why we should all share in his excitement:

“Here's the upper section of what I'm working on- I call it M7-D. Infact- try to imagine 4 rows of slider parameters and you are getting there!.....more to follow!........this is at a very experimental stage, but it's up, running!- this by the way- a card fronted prototype.....let's me visualise things !”

Ken MacBeth M7-D 1

Ken explains that he is “hoping to make something very flat- four rows of sliders deep- more functionality than M5N features wise- a different machine now that time has moved on!”

Ken MacBeth M7-D 2

Additionally, the oscialltors will be "root and 7 suboctaves. Expect that to be part of the new machine. Suboctaves make for very interesting, sequence like generations."

Ken MacBeth M7-D 3

Regarding the filter, Ken says, he's put the Trans Diode Filter into the M7-D. "I've done the ladder filter and I've done the SV filter- but no filter I've done, apart from the Elements one sounds like this thing!"

Ken MacBeth M7-D 4



[Via: SonicState]  


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