NEWS: IK Multimedia Release AmpliTube Slash!

IK Multimedia have been busy behind the scenes cooking up something guitarists and Slash fans will love: AmpliTube Slash for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC. Read on to find out more...  
IK Multimedia have been busy behind the scenes cooking up something that guitarists, and in particular Slash fans, will love: AmpliTube Slash for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC.

Here's what they told us about it:

AmpliTube Slash feature models of the signature gear used by Slash in the studio and for his live performances. Now users can rock with models of the legendary Marshall® amplifiers used by Slash together with his signature guitar pedals. Also included is a comprehensive collection of Slash's guitar tone settings provided as starting points for tone tweaking or playing along. 

Additionally AmpliTube Slash provides a fully integrated multi-track recording studio for capturing ideas quickly and easily or producing entire songs and compositions. A robust song player section gives users the ability to play along with songs or backing tracks by importing them directly from their device library or computer. 

'My new album, Apocalyptic Love, was entirely written while we were on tour,' states Slash, adding, 'If we are not performing we're traveling, so there is little time for creating music.  By using my iPhone along with IK's AmpliTube and iRig I was able to capture whatever ideas I had swimming in my head, usually around 4am.' 

'AmpliTube iRig comes in really handy for on-the-go practicing, recording, or just jamming on different ideas '" even if it's on the bus '" it's right with me all the time', Slash adds, 'I'll do some tweaks on the Marshall's, but there are also different effects that are available including distortion, chorus, auto wah and more.'
The guitaring genius of Slash in the palm of your hand!

The guitaring genius of Slash in the palm of your hand!

Superior Modeling '" The Real Deal

IK worked closely with Slash to model his entire rig comprised of 2 must-have classic rock amplifiers '" the Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall AFD100 '" both equipped with Slash's favorite 1960 Marshall speaker cabinet. Together with these sought-after amplifiers users will be able to choose from 6 stompbox effects that includes Slash's signature Delay, Gate, Octave/Fuzz, Chorus, Booster and Wah/Distortion. The rig is fully configurable so that the signal chain can be freely customized depending upon the device used: 3 stompbox effects into an amp and cabinet on the iPhone/iPod touch; 4 stompbox effects and amp/cabinet/mic on the iPad, and up to 12 stompbox effect combinations into dual amp/cab/mic/room on the Mac/PC.

AmpliTube Slash is the latest addition to the family of official IK guitar and bass products that, thanks to IK's unmatched modeling technologies, features products with the best names in guitar effects and amplification such as Fender™, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano®, Seymour Duncan®, T-Rex® as well as legendary artist Jimi Hendrix™.
AmpliTube Slash appeals to iPad users too.

AmpliTube Slash appeals to iPad users.

Hook up with Slash

Users can plug their guitar into their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using IK's extremely popular iRigâ„¢ guitar interface adapter or the coming soon iRig STOMP pedal interface adapter. Users with Mac/PC can connect their guitar via USB port using IK's StealthPedalâ„¢ digital audio interface pedal or StealthPlugâ„¢ cable interface that now also works with iPad using Apple Camera Connection Kit. 
And of course Mac/PC users can join the party too.

And of course Mac/PC users can join the party too.

Pricing and availability

AmpliTube Slash for iPhone and iPad are now available on the App Store℠ now at an introductory price of $9.99/€7.99/£6.99

Existing users of AmpliTube for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can purchase AmpliTube Slash as an in-app purchase for $9.99/€7.99/£6.99, or individual models a la carte starting at $2.99/€1.99/£1.99.

For Mac/PC users, AmpliTube Slash can be purchased inside AmpliTube Custom Shop for $79.99/€59.99/£49.99 (exc. Taxes), or individual models can be purchased a la carte starting from $15/£9.99 each. AmpliTube Custom Shop can be downloaded for free at:

For more information on AmpliTube Slash:

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