New Video Explores Hyve Touch Synthesizer As Experimental Sound Machine

Last month we looked at the Hyve Touch synth by Skot Wiedmann, a DIY project that is becoming something bigger. This video features Jake Metz exploring the experimental side of this playful synth.  

Now the previous Hyve video we watched which was featured in this article, was musical in its own right. But here we get a chance to see how musician Jake Metz interacts with the very cool Hyve Touch synth to get some creative sounds going. He gets into the experimentation side of things:


Here’s what Skot Wiedmann tells us about the video:

“Electronic Musician Jake Metz finds new sound possibilities and worlds of expression in the Hyve Touch Synthesizer, a new instrument that turns your fingers into melodies, harmonies, drones, and noises. Jake describes his creative process and finds familiar and unique sounds in every gesture.”

Have Touch Synthesizer: How does it taste?

Have Touch Synthesizer: How does it taste?

Ah phew... he chose to play it instead...

Ah phew... he chose to play it instead...

And in case you want to know more about the features, here’s what we know so far:

  • 60 voice stereo polyphony
  • It doesn't use OSC or MIDI, it's all analog.
  • There is one oscillator per voice
  • 3 axis control
  • Battery powered / 15V AC adaptor


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