New Plugin from Modalics: BitFuzzer (Free Until January 1st)

Modalics releases “BitFuzzer” - Distortion, Fuzz & BitCrusher hybrid with synth filters, EQ, parallel mode and oversampling control. And it's free, until January 1st.

Whether sculpting colossal depth into your bass lines or propelling melodies to new heights, BitFuzzer injects unparalleled excitement and style into every track. Modalics' advanced BitFuzzing algorithm, potent filters, and streamlined user experience ensure that your music bursts with flavor effortlessly, making BitFuzzer a potent catalyst for inspired sounds.

Modalics BitFuzzer

Better known for their innovative composition tools and instruments, Modalics just released their first processing plugin “BitFuzzer”.

This compact plug-in seamlessly blends drive, fuzz, and bit crushing with synth-style filters. In a small yet potent package. BitFuzzer is a versatile tool - it especially shines when intensifying drum tracks, adding size to basses, infusing wild crushed harmonies into chords or adding gritty fuzz & overdrive tones to your guitar tracks….And best of all, it’s free until January 1st 2024, with the MSRP being $29.

Modalics says...
“We’ve always been huge fans of saturation & bit crushing as a means of enhancing the character of instruments and for spicing up tracks.
Simply put - We wanted to make it very easy to make tracks sound interesting quickly. The core principles of BitFuzzer are simplicity, effectiveness and versatility. We encoded a wide range of sounds into every knob in the BitFuzzing section and complimented it with powerful filters and a finely tuned EQ section. Both are a must-have when shaping saturated or crushed tones”

As with all of our products, we aim to deliver our own take on a classic category of plugins, we feel that we managed to create a unique sounding plug-in that has its own place in this esteemed category of products.

Beautiful Mayhem

The BitFuzzing section contains 3 knobs - Crush, Drive & Hold. Each knob sweeps through a wide range of sounds. The Gain knob begins with mellow, soft-clipping and gradually escalates to rich, high-gain lead sounds. It's a versatile tool for sculpting your sound from the ground up. The Crush knob contains a wide range of fuzzy, distorted tones, starting from a light & exciting sizzle on lower values and evolving into a colossal landscape of fuzzed, intensely crushed tones. It's perfect for adding lo-fi warmth and grit to your sound. The Hold knob creates wild harmonies and pixelates the waveform the more you turn it, it works in conjunction with the crush knob to add crazy resonance to the already crushed signal, resulting in beautiful mayhem.

Taming the Chaos

Distortion and filters go hand in hand, striking a balance between intensity and refinement is a key element to great distorted tones. BitFuzzer’s drive and crush controls feed into a powerful synth-style filter with resonance control, This dynamic filter skillfully eliminates any abrasive frequencies, highlighting the enchanting aspects of the tonal character introduced by the distortions. And if that's not enough, a meticulously tuned 4-band EQ section seals the deal, offering swift and precise controls to rein in the chaos and produce impactful, charismatic sounds.

Masterful Destruction

In addition to the saturation algorithms and filters, BitFuzzer is also equipped with a visualizer. This visualizer serves as a razor-sharp tool, delivering precise insights into the transformative impact of the BitFuzzing process on your signal. The master section reveals another key feature—the Parallel Mode. Perfect for preserving the raw integrity of your source material while infusing an additional layer of depth and character, Parallel Mode introduces a second synth-style filter. This dynamic addition seamlessly binds both signal paths, crafting a singular and harmonious tonal experience.

Raw Yet Polished

We’ve added up to 8X oversampling control. By venturing beyond the conventional sample rates, oversampling meticulously captures and recreates the harmonics and transients, ensuring a more faithful representation of the original audio. In the pursuit of sonic purity, oversampling acts as a vigilant guardian against aliasing artifacts.

BitFuzzer is available for free until January 1st - after which it will be sold for $29.
Available for purchase through

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