New Moog Synthesizer Coming

If you're hoping to discover details on features, pricing and release date of the new synthesizer by Moog, you're out of luck. But this video by two Moog engineers reveals their UI design focus.  

Synth freaks out there with investigative qualities will enjoy scouring through this informative 50 minute from Audio Developers Conference (ADC) where two Moog engineers talk about building synthesizer user interfaces. 

Geert Bevin, Senior Software Engineer and Amos Gaynes, Product Design Engineer at Moog Music explore designing and implementing embedded synthesizer UIs with JUCE for an upcoming synthesizer.

Let the comments and speculation begin!

Here’s what JUCE explain about the video:

“JUCE has become an ideal platform to develop embedded UI applications. Moog engineering discusses C++ JUCE front-end application design on top of streamlined Linux distributions. This talk focuses on practical solutions with code examples, including: maintainable user-interface and user-experience design, code and application architecture, unit and functional testing, efficient message handling and dispatch, domain-specific interfaces, APIs promoting consistency and correctness, patch storage and retrieval, and application-specific scripting.”

So, what, if anything, do we know about the next big synth from Moog? Well, kudos to Geert and Amos. They kept details and specifics on the new synth vague enough for us. We’d guess there’s evidently going to be a color screen with rich graphics. Hardwired controls and dynamic controls with a focus on not too much drilling down into menu upon sub-menu. Interaction design is obviously what this talk focuses on and both engineers suggest this synthesizer is going to be quite different from what has come before it.

We're hoping the new Moog synth be powerful polyphonic analog synth... with a great user interface (of course!)

We'll publish more details as we come aross them...


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