New Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.3: Track Match & 64-bit

Mixvibes introduces Cross DJ 3.3, a new version of its Mac/PC software, with huge performance improvements and a new feature to help selecting the next track.  

Paris, France - November 6th, 2014

All new Track Match feature

On the right side of the music library, a new pane displays a list of suggested tracks. There are 3 modes: Automatic, History and Manual.

  • Automatic Match: Displays the best tracks to be mixed with the currently playing track. Our algorithm uses a combination of BPM and key compatibility.
  • History Match: Displays the tracks already played with the track currently playing. So you don't have to note on a random piece of paper the killer combo you just made.
  • Manual Match: If you play 2 tracks that go well together, and want to remember this combination, hit a simple button to 'match the tracks'. Those matches are kept in memory, and displayed anytime you play one of those tracks.

MixVibes Corss DJ 3.3 History Match mode.

Watch MixVibes Cross DJ in action controlling 4 decks:

64-bit version

  • Better overall performance, especially for video mixing
  • Improved stability
  • Better audio quality

Enhanced Collection

  • Sync BPM & Key of tracks in Files, iTunes and SoundCloud tabs based on collection BPM and key.
  • Navigation History: widget in the top­left corner of collection + back/forward commands
  • Exact search, using double­quotes
  • Smarter column sorting, waterfall search

Other improvements

  • More reactive MIDI control
  • Options: search a MIDI controller by tapping its name

Pricing and availability

49€ / $49 for Cross DJ 3.3

129€ / $129 for Cross 3.3

Free update available for Cross DJ & Cross.

Get it now:

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