New MaxforLive “Damage” Does Glitched Up Audio AND Trippy Visuals

If you want your audio glitchy and your visuals even more glitchy or trip, then Isotonik Studio's new Max for Live device, Damage, by NED Rush is for you. Better still, it's cheap as chips!  

September, 2015–After the success of Brainwash it was inevitable that Ned RUSH would once again find inspiration in trippy visuals and glitchy audio, teaming up wih Bob Zeal of Vizzable fame, Damage destroys and twists your audio whilst the Scope provides a visual feast synced to your effects... 

With Spout and Syphon compatability to allow you to output the visuals to your favourite VJ software the Scope can add another dimension to your Ableton Live performances for the price of a Burger King at the Motorway services...

Available separately or as part of of the NEW Ned RUSH Video Collection which will continue to grow with new devices over the coming months...

We can't put in words what Ned can expertly demonstrate so watch the video walkthrough below, and click that BUY NOW button!! 

Ned Rush - Damage - Walkthrough from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.



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