New Korg Kronos LS 88 Synth Workstation Officially Revealed

This one is for the players. Synth players. Korg Japan have published official details for the new Korg Kronos 88 LS workstation synth. We've translated all the details and features into English here.

If you're Japanese you may already have seen that the Korg Kronos 88 LS (which we spotted in a sneaky photo here along with the Arp Odyssey FS in early November) is now official. At this stage Korg have only published details for their new Kronos workstation synth on their Japanese language website. But, thanks to the joy that is Google translate, we've been able to (roughly) translate the details so you can see this news first.

All info has been taken from the official Korg JP website here. For our Japanese reading audience we've also included the original text. Enjoy!

Korg Kronos LS 88 workstation synthesizer.

Newly designed LS keyboard with light touch that allows light performance. Casual KRONOS-88 key model



落ち着いた雰囲æ°-のダーク・ブラウンのボディ、楽器ã‚'所有する喜びã‚'高めるサンバーストのサイド・ウッドã‚'まとい、ã"れまでのKRONOSとはまた違ったæ­"声ã‚'ステージ上のあなたに約束ã-ます。KRONOS LS、誕ç"Ÿã€‚ 

KRONOS, a music workstation with nine different sound sources, boasting the highest performance in the history of Korg. From a piano to an organ and a synth to a physical sound source, as one proposal to bring out the potential of its broad sound, it is easy to play the piano, newly adds a light key touch key model suitable for organ and synth performance It was.

The dark brown body in a calm atmosphere, the sunburst side wood for enhancing the joy of owning the instrument, I will promise you a different cheer for you on the stage with KRONOS. KRONOS LS, born. 

Adopt new keyboard of light touch to achieve light performance



New design for KRONOS for light touch key, which is easy to play with organ phrases and synth fast phrases and glissando. We also reviewed the structure of the keyboard itself, making it easier to control velocity, even with complicated codes and more difficult-to-play phrases than the conventional light / touch keyboard (61 keys). Because it is a waterfall box type keyboard which is the same as before, it realizes a light performance feeling of synth keyboard without impairing already established design balance. Also, because it is a semi-weighted keyboard, you can enjoy playing with a lot of code such as piano and electric piano with confidence in the reaction with a firm feeling to your fingertips. 

Achieved a weight saving of 6.3 kg compared to the 88 key weighted model



By adopting the new key, we realized a weight reduction of 6.3 kg compared to the KRONOS-88 key model using the conventional piano keyboard. It is lighter than 3kg even compared with the 73 key model, greatly reducing the burden of carrying instruments and setting. 

New Features New OS v3.1 including Quick Layer / Split

新機能クイック・レイヤー/スãƒ-リットã‚'含む最新OS v3.1ã‚'搭載

新鍵盤搭載に伴い、ãƒ"アノとストリングスのレイヤー、エレãƒ"とベースのスãƒ-リットなど、軽いタッチの88鍵盤ã‚'活かã-たより多彩なæ¼"奏がæ°-軽にできるよう、鍵盤の割り振り設定ã‚'簡単に行えるクイック・レイヤー、クイック・スãƒ-リット機能ã‚'加えた最新OS v3.1ã‚'搭載。もちろã‚"OSは細部にわたりブラッシュ・アッãƒ-されており、ストレスのない安定ã-たæ¼"奏ç'°å¢ƒã‚'提供ã-ます。

With the new keyboard, Quick Layer, which allows easy assignment of keyboard settings, such as piano and strings layer, electric piano and base split, making it easier to play a variety of performances making use of the light touch 88 keyboards. The latest OS v3.1 with the split function added. Of course, the OS has been brushed up in detail to provide a stable performance environment without stress. 

New design Dark brown panel, sunburst side wood


パネルには、KRONOSの精悍さã‚'保ちつつ、落ち着いた雰囲æ°-ã‚'醸ã-出すダーク・ブラウン・カラーã‚'新採ç"¨ã€‚またサイド・ウッドには「違い」ã‚'ç"Ÿã¿å‡ºã™ã‚µãƒ³ãƒãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒ»ã‚«ãƒ©ãƒ¼ã‚'取りå...¥ã‚Œã¾ã-た。88鍵ライト・タッチのKRONOS LSだけが持つオリジナリティは、数あるハイエンド・クラスのシンセサイザーの中でもひときわ輝きã‚'æ"¾ã¡ã¾ã™ã€‚ 

In the panel, while maintaining the fearlessness of KRONOS, newly adopted dark brown color which brings forth a calm atmosphere. Inside wood also adopted sunburst color which produces "difference". KRONOS LS of 88 key light · touch only has its own originality, which shines outstanding among many high-end class synthesizers.




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