New Cataclysmic Novation Circuit Sound Pack

Extend and expand your Novation Circuit with this brand new and very affordable sound pack that really packs a punch - Cataclysmic Impact.  

Cataclysmic Impact is a name that gives you a pretty good idea of the kinds of sounds contained inside this new soundpack for Novation Circuit from sound designer Jim Drones. Hard-edged and heavy, they will really expand your sonic palette when using Circuit and take your creativity off in whole new directions.

Here's what the designers have to say about it:

"Cataclysmic Impact in part features an assortment of percussive synth patches that allow sequencing of multiple synthetic drum sounds within a single synth track at once. These allow you to create beats with a kick, snare, and hi hat using only synth part one or two when used by design. Place these on both synth sections and have up to six synthetic drums at once(possibly even more with creative motion sequencing). This method frees up your sample slots for non percussive sounds if desired, or a mixture of both.

Also included in this soundpack are freshly designed basses, leads, stabs, drum hits, arps, fx, and pads to suit a variety of varies styles and genres." 

Price: £8.99 / $11.73 / 9.93 EUR


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