New Apple MacBook Pro Rumor Will Upset Some Musicians & Please Others

What could make creatives and musicians upset about a new, more powerful and capable MacBook Pro? Forbes are predicting a price drop from Apple could do the trick.  

According to Forbes, rumors are ramping up for Apple's WWDC 2017 (June 5 - 9 2017). Amongst the new products and services expected are updates to iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and potential new iPads and a Siri Speaker.

One of the less talked about rumors relates to updates to the MacBook Pro line. Forbes feel these new Macbooks could, "upset the faithful". We're not entirely convinced that will be the case, though as with any update to a line of computers recent buyers will likely be upset. Here's why...

MacBook Pros are expected to use the new Kaby Lake processor which will provide significantly more horsepower for power-hungry applications and workflows. Music makers and producers will benefit from the new processor. And of course, we all understand that technology waits for no woman or man. If you purchased a MacBook Pro recently (yours truly is now shuffling uncomfortably in his seat) then it's a slightly bitter pill to swallow. But not an unexpected one.

However, the real news emanating from this rumor is that there will be price drop. We're not sure how much of a drop this will be. Apple generally keep their prices nearer the high end and it means resale value on 2nd-hand Macs is robust too. So, if prices are significantly lower for the next MacBook models then existing Mac owners might find the value of their used Macs plummet accordingly.

Apple MacBook Pro with Touchbar.

For musicians, producers and DJs looking to buy a Mac but with the ability to hold off for a few months, it seems prudent to wait and see what happens. Even if prices stay the same, a Kaby Lake processor MBP is one worth waiting for. And if the price drops then you've got some money in the bank to spend on interfaces, controllers, plugins or synths too. None of this is a bad thing either.

In terms of the spec of the upcoming MacBook Pros, there's no indication one way or another that Apple will drop the headphone jack. We have our fingers crossed. We'd expect there to be 32 GB RAM options, and we're pretty sure Apple won't backtrack and start adding USB-3 ports again. It's USB-C all the way from here on in.

As always, Apple rumors can't be relied upon for urgent purchase decisions, but do keep an eye and ear on AskAudio and Macrumors for more info as and when we hear about it.

[Via: Forbes]


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This news doesn't surprise me at all, after the mess they made last year Apple have had to come out and publicly announce they're still supporting professionals. So it's good to hear they're serious. I'm still working on a 2012 MBPro so I'm in the market for a new machine, but the moment I saw last years models I knew Apple had made a big mistake as the offerings were pathetic. I'm actually glad I hung out for another year, looking forward to seeing these new machines!
I have been a faithful Mac user for music production for the past five years, but their recent line of MacBook Pros and Mac Pros are insulting. It is as if a bunch of execs got in a boardroom and collectively said, "What changes can we make to these professional lines that will be as onerous, cumbersome, and expensive as possible for the creative professionals who actually use them?" Honestly, did any creative professional using a ton of USB-3 peripherals ever ask to sacrifice all those ports in favor of the MBP being a micrometer thinner?

I hate the idea of having to re-learn all of my production keyboard shortcuts in Windows, but Apple has made it plain that they are not interested in truly supporting the professionals who for so long were the champions of their desktop and laptop products. A shame.
Hi Rounik,

How are you? I haven't heard from you in a very long time. I'm assuming you are the same Rounik that gave all the help of the Forum many years ago. If so I'm glad to see you're still around.


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