Native Instruments Teases New "One Synth to Rule them All"

The dust hasn't settled yet on TraktorDJ for iPad and NI have released an excellent teaser video for their latest new synth. Looks good, sounds good... but, what is it called? "M..."  
Hot on the heels of their recent TraktorDJ for iPad release, Native Instruments are causing a stir in music studios across the world yet again with a new synth plug-in for Mac & PC. So, what is coming out from the NI labs in Berlin this time? The name is still top secret… here's a video and a little snippet of info we're able to divulge until the official release.

So, what is this new synth? We're pretty sure it will be fantastic judging from the audio examples (listen below). 

We can tell you it is based on many years of intense inhouse-research and uses the latest in cutting-edge DSP technology to faithfully recreate the interaction of complex electric circuits. We've also been informed this new synth has an intuitive, streamlined control panel that allows users to quickly dial in sounds and start creating music.

Oh Native Instruments, you're such a tease!

Stay tuned to find out more about this Mystery synth… and in the meantime, you might like to start guessing its name. We caught an "M" in the video in case you weren't paying attention!

Listen to audio samples on the NI SoundCloud site here.

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Gary Hiebner
Gosh! Can't wait to see and hear what this is. Their last few synth releases have been insane. Razor, Skanner XT. So very excited to see what this is.
Dave DeLizza
Why does Skanner XT get no love?? I think that thing is incredible, and you hardly hear anything about it!

Whatever it is, I really hope it's not some analog modeled BS. So tired of that stuff, yes, we all love the moog, but come on! NI have not been in that game at all really, so I can't imagine it will be.
Whatever it is... I bet it'll sound good! Haven't come across an NI synth yet that doesn't satisfy my sonic curiosity in one way or another.

So, what do we think it's called? Begins with "M"... guessing starts ... now!

- Monakle
Gary Hiebner
Well it can't be Massive. So I say its called Monster!
Gary Hiebner
Skanner XT is excellent. Especially it morphing functionality. It is strange that more users aren't raving about it. Though, Massive took a bit of time to take off as well. And now look it. It's the most commonly used synth in all of the EDM genres. So maybe Skanner XT will kick off a bit later as well.

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