Native Instruments Stems Creator Tool in Public Beta

Native Instruments' Stem Creator Tool is in public BETA and lets anyone create stem versions of their tracks for playback in Traktor. DJs will now have individual control over 4 tracks when DJing.  

It's been coming, and now it's here. Native Instruments' Stem Creator Tool is in BETA and is available for everyone to download. NI have released a nifty Stems Creator Tool video overview whosing you how to ensure the files / stems you take from your DAW (in this case Ableton Live) should be aligned. Furthermore, it's recommended Stems don't have the mastering compression and limiting processing applied. But worry not, once in the Stems Creator Tool you can apply processing to get the loudness of the stem mix comparable to the stereo mix.

There's really not too much to it. Also included with STC is a .psd file with the Stems logo which you can add to your album/track artwork and further guidelines.

Here’s what NI have told us about the STC: 

  • Stem Creator Tool Beta is available for free download on today.
  • The SCT Beta is very stable and produces Stems correctly. Certain usability features haven't yet been implemented or refined, but these do not have a negative impact on the quality or accuracy of Stem files created by the tool.
  • The tool comes in a ZIP file that contains
    • A guidelines document on how to create Stems
    • A step-by-step guide on how to create a Stems album cover (i.e with the "STEMS" tab on top left corner)
    • A template .psd file so that users can easily create their Stems cover arts
  • We have created a short tutorial video that guides you through the Strem creation process.
  • The best way for your readers to stay informed about SCT is by signing up to the newsletter on 
  • You can find links to download the Beta below, so you can start creating some Stems of your own. I’ve copied in Brian, our US product specialist, in case you have any more detailed technical questions on this. 



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