Native Instruments Showcase Power of Maschine & Komplete Kontrol Combined

What can happen with Maschine and Complete Kontrol connected is exactly what Native Instruments are keen for us to see and hear. Here's Mark De Clive-Lowe performing a tasty tune using the duo.  

Berlin, February 23, 2015 '" Native Instruments today released a KOMPLETE x MASCHINE video aimed at demonstrating the combined power and flexibility producers experience when using the two devices together. The new video features artist, producer, composer, pianist, performer, and worldwide educator Mark De Clive-Lowe creating a one-take live performance on KOMPLETE and MASCHINE.

Mark De Clive-Lowe demonstrates the KOMPLETE x MASCHINE duo in a captivating one-take live performance

Mark De Clive-Lowe demonstrates the KOMPLETE x MASCHINE duo in a one-take live performance.

KOMPLETE and MASCHINE combine to form a new performance system, exponentially increasing creative music production potential. Both product libraries instantly sync across devices for a unified, tag-based browsing experience. Native Map™ allows producers to dive into sound design or automation in real time on both devices. Everything done on the keyboard syncs tightly with MASCHINE '" notes, chords, and arpeggios can be recorded in MASCHINE's pattern editor for further refinement. Furthermore, extended Smart Play™ features mirror the activity of a MASCHINE controller on a KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard and vice versa for unmatched visual feedback.

In a new video, Mark De Clive-Lowe demonstrates the KOMPLETE x MASCHINE duo in a captivating one-take live performance. Mark records beats on MASCHINE hardware and plays KOMPLETE Instruments on an S-Series keyboard, records arpeggios, tweaks effects, and much more. Throughout the performance, Light Guide™ and MASCHINE's high-sensitivity RGB pads stay in sync, providing instant visual feedback.

The performance video is here:

A performance breakdown video (how he did what he did) with Mark de Clive-Lowe is here:

Additional information on the KOMPLETE x MASCHINE duo is available at:

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