Native Instruments公司会议吉他弹奏,弹奏声的KONTAKT

The latest news from Native Instruments will appeal to those needing acoustic strummed guitars on their tracks. Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic is a Kontakt instrument and is available now.  

柏林,2015年1月19日Native Instruments公司今天发布的会议吉他弹奏者弹奏声新KONTAKT仪器提供流行的木吉他弹奏方式,在方便的按键开关完全可玩的图书馆。附加的功能包括双跟踪,烦恼的噪音,以及一组色调塑造的效果使生产者能够从一个易于使用的界面创建正宗的节奏吉他部分。会议吉他弹奏者弹奏声运行在KONTAKT 5和自由KONTAKT 5播放器和可在NI网店价格为99美元/ 99/11800/89 / AU 149美元。

NI Session Guitarist main window


NI Session Guitarist Playback


NI Session Guitarist sound


会议吉他弹奏者弹奏声现已通过NI网店价格为99美元/ 99/11800/89 / AU $ 149和运行在KONTAKT 5或免费KONTAKT 5播放器。


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This looks like a cut-down version of Steinberg's awesome Virtual Guitarist, right down to the same key switches, doubling, latch etc. Is it the same team? VG2 has different acoustic and nylon string guitars plus electrics and a good effects section as well though.
I just purchased this two days ago and I am sad to say, it's the biggest waste of $99 I have seen in quite awhile. No doubt the guitarists who were sampled are "studio" quality as advertised but unless you just like listening to samples of repetitive guitar strumming, save your money.

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