Native Instruments Releases Reaktor 6

The latest version of NI's flagship modular DSP environment introduces rack- style modular patching called Blocks, and major enhancements for advanced builders. We've got a video course ready too!  

September 09, 2015, Berlin – Native Instruments today introduced REAKTOR 6 – the latest version of the acclaimed modular DSP environment at the core of the Native Instruments brand since its release as GENERATOR in 1996. Featuring best-in-class DSP and sound quality, REAKTOR 6 delivers major innovations for instrument builders as well as being the most approachable version of the software for anyone interested in deep sound experimentation. REAKTOR 6 also introduces a major development in Blocks, a set of diverse modules allowing users to create custom synths in the same way a modular synthesizer is patched. REAKTOR 6 now comes at a new, reduced price, making it the most cost effective entry into custom device building to date. REAKTOR 6 is available through the NI Online Shop for $199 / 199 € / ¥ 22,800 / £169 / $AU 279. Special update and educational pricing is also available. 

NI Reaktor 6 screenshot

NI Reaktor 6 screenshot.

“REAKTOR has represented the cutting edge of electronic sound for nearly two decades, so bringing such an iconic and mature software to the next level is an especially thrilling challenge", says Mate Galic, CTO and President of Native Instruments. "Now our development team cannot wait to see how the REAKTOR community will utilize the new features of version 6 for a new generation of ingenious and novel instrument designs”. 

Blocks is a new framework in REAKTOR 6, providing the speed and flexibility of modular synth patching combined with the benefits of working in the digital domain. REAKTOR 6 comes bundled with 30 Blocks in several categories, each with a specific purpose. Bento Box Blocks represent the core components of a modular synth setup. Boutique Blocks take inspiration from custom hardware that bring advanced sound shaping to the world of modular synthesis. Digilog Blocks create complex rhythms, process notes, and provide structure in patches. NI All-Star Blocks are single rack-style components of Native Instruments synths such as ROUNDS and MONARK. The world of Blocks will continue to grow as the vibrant REAKTOR community builds and shares new Blocks and Blocks patches – all available for free online at NI’s REAKTOR User Library. 

Buying / Upgrade options for Reaktor 6 are very reasonable.

Buying / Upgrade options for Reaktor 6 are very reasonable.

REAKTOR 6 features new enhancements for the advanced builders creating their own synthesizers, effects, and audio devices. Three key additions extend REAKTOR’s workflow efficiency and sampling power at the Core level. Bundled wires are like multicore cables, making intra-level patching cleaner and more elegant. Scoped buses allow ‘wireless’ connectivity across multiple structure levels. The Table Framework feature allows flexible and efficient data sharing throughout REAKTOR, including from Primary to Core levels. 

Online education provider NonLinear Educating (macProVideo, AskVideo & Ask.Audio) has developed two comprehensive new videos course for the REAKTOR community. Reaktor 6 101: Synth Building Explored by synthesis expert Brian Cass show us what’s new and how it works. Along the way, you see how to build an instrument with Reaktor’s modules. Reaktor 6 102 Blocks Explored by Matt Cellitti explores the patchable collection of elegant, pre-made Reaktor 6 synth modules called Blocks that enable you to build your own virtual, modular, eurorack synth. Both courses are available now at the Ask.Audio Academy, with more to follow. 

Pricing and Availability 

REAKTOR 6 is available now through the NI Online Shop for $199 / 199 € / ¥ 22,800 / £169 / $AU 279. 

Owners of previous versions of REAKTOR and students enrolled in educational institutions can upgrade to REAKTOR 6 for $99 / 99 € / ¥ 11,800 / £89 / $AU 149. 

Further product information

Additional information on REAKTOR 6 is available at:

Watch the new REAKTOR 6 video courses created by our sister site, below now on The Ask.Audio Academy.

Watch the 1st video from Reaktor 6 101: Synth Building Explored:

Watch the 1st video from Reaktor 6 102 Blocks Explored:


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