Native Instruments Introduces Symphony Series '" String Ensemble

"Yes, you can have too many string libraries... but you can't have too many good string libraries." And so we welcome Native Instruments' Symphony Series - String Ensemble.  

Berlin, November 03, 2015 – Native Instruments today introduced SYMPHONY SERIES – STRING ENSEMBLE, delivering best-in-class recordings of a 60-piece string orchestra. The production-ready sound of STRING ENSEMBLE is controlled with an interface designed for fast scoring. The detailed recordings provide one-of-a-kind scoring features not found in other orchestral string instruments, providing professional film, gaming, and commercial scoring composers with the highest possible quality. The second in NI's growing range of SYMPHONY SERIES of premium orchestral scoring instruments, STRING ENSEMBLE is available at the NI Online Shop for $499 / 499 € / ¥ 62,800 / £429 / $AU699 and runs in KONTAKT 5 or the latest version of the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.

SYMPHONY SERIES – STRING ENSEMBLE provides the sound of a full 60-piece string ensemble and was recorded in collaboration with top software string instrument developer Audiobro. There are separate instruments for violins, violas, cellos and basses as well as an instrument for the full ensemble. A comprehensive list of long and short articulations, including sordinos, trills, staccatos and octave runs, were recorded in exceptional detail with separate half sections to ensure True Divisi. STRING ENSEMBLE provides four stereo mixes – close, mid, far, and stereo – with dynamic loading for maximum efficiency. Special attention was given to the close mic mixes to deliver unsurpassed sound even when soloed – a significant achievement for a string library. Furthermore, volume, pan and output routing for each position load individually, allowing a greater degree of control over the final mix.

STRING ENSEMBLE delivers the most accurate re-creation of a full string ensemble to date in a scoring instrument. All sections were recorded in two separate A and B parts for True Divisi functionality. The Auto Divisi function intelligently distributes notes between the Divisi parts for a highly transparent and realistic string performance in all articulations. Every section also features true polyphonic legato and portamento in impeccable quality with up to eight-voice automatic voice-leading in real time. These features are easily configurable and, combined with Auto Divisi, allow composers to convey the true depth of emotion in their scores.

NI Symphony Series – String Ensemble articulations screen.

NI Symphony Series – String Ensemble articulations screen.

SYMPHONY SERIES – STRING ENSEMBLE was developed especially for KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard integration. The position and type of key switches and the selected articulations are easily visible directly on the hardware. The Touch Strips directly control the multi-sampled dynamics in STRING ENSEMBLE. Plus, all key parameters automatically map to keyboard controls, allowing composers to start scoring as soon as they load the instrument.

NI Symphony Series – String Ensemble main screen.

NI Symphony Series – String Ensemble main screen.

SYMPHONY SERIES – STRING ENSEMBLE is available at the NI Online Shop for $499 / 499 € / ¥ 62,800 / £429 / $AU699

Symphony Series instruments will not be included in KOMPLETE or KOMPLETE ULTIMATE. Owners of KOMPLETE bundles benefit from special crossgrade pricing.

Additional information is available at:

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