Native Instruments Explore Signature Sound Creation in New Sonic Hooks Series

Native Instruments' new Sonic Hooks series focuses on artists and producers showcasing or conversing about how they create their trademark, signature sounds using Komplete and Maschine.  

One of the best pieces of advice for those interested in producing music is to listen carefully to the tracks and producers that inspire them. With Sonic Hooks, Native Instruments have taken that concept and fleshed it out some!

With a focus on the “hookline” or trademark sound of a track, NI have invited a number of successful and popular producers and artists to share their personal sonic tools and techniques using Maschine and Komplete. 

The roster of artists wouldn’t look out of place at a music awards ceremony, except their integrity as quality producers is intact! Speakers include, Fatima Al-Qadiri, Kimbra, Lotic, WIFE, Comfort Fit, Neven, and more. 

Watch the conversation with Kimbra and Brenmar:

Take a look at the highlights of Sonic Hooks and find out how other successful producers craft their signature sounds:

And if you’re interested in learning in-depth how top-level dance music producers craft their sounds and create whole tracks from start to finish, you’ll love the Dance Music Master series of video courses in The AskAudio Academy.

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