Native Instruments Announces Next Wave of Komplete 13 with Guitar Rig 6 Pro

The latest version of Native’s flagship production suite sees a host of brand-new additions, including GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET, ARKHIS, STRAYLIGHT, PHARLIGHT, MYSTERIA, NOIRE, and much more.  

September 1, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today announced KOMPLETE 13, the latest generation of its flagship production suite, with new additions including some of the company’s biggest releases from the last two years. The launch will coincide with that of GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, a revamped version of Native’s amp and effects modelling lab. 

For 17 years, KOMPLETE has brought the very best from Native Instruments into a comprehensive production package for artists of every level and genre. KOMPLETE 13 is the biggest collection yet, and is available in four sizes; SELECT, KOMPLETE 13, ULTIMATE, and Collector’s Edition. ?

The latest generation sees some of Native Instrument’s biggest new releases join the lineup, including GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET (including STRADIVARI VIOLIN), ARKHIS, PHARLIGHT, STRAYLIGHT, MYSTERIA, SUPER 8, SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE, and NOIRE.??There are four new additions to the KONTAKT Play Series – BUTCH VIG DRUMS, LO-FI GLOW, MODULAR ICONS, and CLOUD SUPPLY. ??The latest version also includes the CRUSH PACK, which puts a modern spin on distortion effects, as well as last year’s much-loved RAUM reverb. 

Each bundle provides up to 90% off the price of the individual products, and as always, existing KOMPLETE users also have the option to save when they upgrade or update from their current version.??GUITAR RIG 6 PRO returns with an overhauled interface, new amps, new effects, and Intelligent Circuit Modelling – a new machine-learning modelling technology that can bring even deeper realism to hardware emulations. ??The technology has already been used to create a new series of iconic boutique and vintage amps, each offering plenty of character and tone to be explored.

Users will also be able to pitch in and help decide what kind of hardware should be modelled for future updates. 

Native Instruments Komplete 13

The latest version also extends the platform’s capacity as a powerful effects rack for any audio source with 14 new additions from Native’s wider ecosystem – including REVERB CLASSICS, VINTAGE COMPRESSORS, CRUSH PACK, MOD PACK, SOLID MIX SERIES, TRANSIENT MASTER, RAUM, RAMMFIRE, and TRAKTOR’S 12.??GUITAR RIG 6 PRO comes loaded with an inspirational collection of presets from a variety of heavy-hitting guitarists, bassists, producers, and songwriters including Yvette Young, Tim Lefebvre, Pete Thorn, Zola Jesus, and Butch Vig, along with many more to come with future updates.

Pricing and Availability 
Available October 1, 2020

KOMPLETE 13 SELECT: 199 USD / 199 EUR / 25,800 YEN / 169 GBP / 299 AUD / 259 CAD / 1,699 CNY / CHF 209

KOMPLETE 13: 599 USD / 599 EUR / 72,400 YEN / 499 GBP / 899 AUD / 799 CAD / 4,699 CNY / CHF 629

KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE: 1,199 USD / 1,199 EUR / 144,400 YEN / 999 GBP / 1,799 AUD / 1,599 CAD / 9,499 CNY / CHF 1249

KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition: 1,599 USD / 1,599 EUR / 204,800 YEN / 1,349 GBP / 2,299 AUD / 1,999 CAD / 12,499 CNY / CHF 1,679

Available October 1, 2020

Full version: 199 USD / 199 EUR / 26,800 YEN / 179 GBP / 299 AUD / 259 CAD / 1599 CNY / 209 CHF ??Upgrade: 149 USD / 149 EUR / 20,100 YEN / 129 GBP / 219 AUD / 199 CAD / 1199 CNY / 159 CHF

Update: 99 USD / 99 EUR / 13,400 YEN / 89 GBP / 149 AUD / 129 CAD / 799 CNY / 104 CHF

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