NAMM 2019 - Experience Mixing In Dolby Atmos With Yamaha And Dante

Real time mixing of surround sound and VR game audio are now a reality. See how they work in this short video explainer from Yamaha at NAMM 2019.  

At NAMM 2019, Ask.Audio caught up with Yamaha to get a hands-on demonstration of mixing in Dolby Atmos format with the Dante system, Cubase, and multiple Macs, iPads and outboard hardware units. As well as all kinds of surround sound, the system can handle VR audio - a burgeoning new field. in this short video from the show, see how it's been set up to easily switch between different complex systems like 7.1, 9.1 and more.

In addition to movie surround, Yamaha shows off some really impressive immersive audio mixing and positioning capabilities for games, even having the software adjust the mix along with the movement of a character's point of view inside a game. It's a fascinating look into how immersive audio is produced.

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