NAMM 2015: Video Demo Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synths

Do you want a micro synth... maybe 3... that can sync up, that sound cool and can fit in your pocket or round you neck? Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators will appeal. Here's our video overview...  

You, the music makers of the world spoke on the eve of NAMM telling us that the new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are synths you like, synths you want… synths you want to know more about. Our article on these new pocketable synths was our most visited in 24 hours EVER!

And we at wanted to see, hear and know more. With Teenage Engineering being at NAMM that made it pretty easy, once we'd pushed our way past the crowds of synth enthusiasts, to get our hands dirty with their three models: The rhythm, the sub and the factory (basically, drum machine, bass and synth).

Jonathan, responsible for much of the software side of these cuties, gave us a live demo detailing the various features, sounds and provided a bit of background info to these $59 (each) micro synths.

We're going to review these as soon as we can… as you can imagine these are selling like hotcakes and stock is already short… We want to do a more in-depth job on these, so do bear with us… but the video above should give you an idea of what they're capable of, how useful they'll be for learning about synthesis, and just how fun and immediate they are for music makers.


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