Musicians & Producers: Should You Upgrade To Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra Yet?

macOS 10.13 High Sierra is being released today. If you're a music producer and you use your Mac with a DAW, music software or plugins we'd recommend you read this first before updating!  

Welcome back, one year on since the introduction of Apple’s Sierra OS to the release of OS 10.13 High Sierra. And we’re asking the same questions as last year, albeit with a little more info from music software developers.

As always, just because there’s a brand new, shiny OS available doesn’t mean you have to rush into updating it, especially if you’re mid project or have some software you suspect won’t be compatible yet.

I’m going to repeat this section of last year’s post on Sierra here as it is still applicable in 2017 as a general rule for computer-based musicians and producers: when a new OS comes out...

  • Don't upgrade if you're mid-project / album
  • Don't upgrade until someone else has tested the software, hardware and plugins you rely on with the new OS
  • Don't upgrade on your studio or live machine
  • Backup your Mac/PC before upgrading
  • Keep extra copies of your important projects, settings, files in the cloud or a separate hard drive.

Personally, I’d recommend waiting a few days for the developers of your favorite / essential music software to contact you or post information about compatibility with Apple High Sierra OS. Remember there is a new file system in this OS, so as with Propellerhead, it could well be that the current version of Reason is compatible, but previous versions won’t work.

Here’s a list of some of the major DAWs and music software / plugin companies and their High Sierra compatibility status as of beginning of 25 september 2017. Please check directly on the developer's site to confirm the status of your software / hardware compatibility!

macOS 10.13 Fully Compatible

  • AKAI Pro: All hardware and software is compatible with macOS 10.13
  • Alesis: Almost everything is good to go. Full list here.
  • Apogee: good to go
  • Focusrite: Good to go
  • FXpansion: Good to go
  • Line6: Good to go
  • M-Audio: Good to go
  • Nektar: good to go
  • Novation: good to go
  • Numark: good to go
  • PreSonus: good to go, BUT there are some warnings here.
  • Propellerhead: Reason 9.5.2 and above work, but older versions do not.
  • RME: good to go
  • Rob Papen: good to go
  • Toontrack: good to go
  • Universal Audio: good to go

macOS 10.13 Compatibility Coming Soon / Waiting for Confirmation

  • Ableton: macOS 10.13 High Sierra compatibility coming soon…
  • Arturia: statement coming soon
  • Audient: statement coming soon
  • Celemony: statement coming soon
  • iZotope: statement coming soon
  • Korg: statement coming soon
  • Native Instruments
  • Soundtoys
  • Spectrasonics
  • Steinberg
  • UVI

DO NOT Upgrade to macOS 10.13 / no confirmation from these companies yet…

  • Antares
  • Antelope: no official news yet
  • Avid: As always with Pro Tools, hold back until you get the official statement.
  • EastWest: Not known
  • IK Multimedia
  • MOTU
  • PioneerDJ
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Roland
  • Seraro: Serato DJ does NOT support macOS 10.13 yet
  • Slate Digital
  • Softube
  • Solid State Logic
  • Waves Audio
  • Zoom

Remember to always check with the developers of your software and hardware even after reading the above list. Things change at break neck speed (sometimes) in the music technology world!

We also recommend a safe macOS update strategy using Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner so you can more easily roll back to your previous OS if needs be.

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Francis 7
I read on the internet that High Sierra has problems with LPX??? If true, I find that odd. Also, it doesn't seem to like SSDs either. I may have to wait for the next OS. I'm still on El Capitan because it works. And I have a bunch of 3rd party plugins that are listed above and SSDs.

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