Music Theory: Jordan Rudess Demonstrates Rhythmic Displacement Techniques

In this excellent video tutorial on displacement, from the full music theory rhythm explored course, Jordan Rudess shows how it works and how to use both accents and chords to good effect.  

One of the interesting things when applying a pitch pattern to rhythm is that our brains tend to assign a sort of rhythmic idea. For example, in the video below Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater Keyboardist, music technologist, App Developer) shows how playing 5 ascending notes repeated will get you counting in fives.

However, using displacement Jordan split the patterns into fours by means of accents and then using chords which is just excellent. At first it might sound a little strange to the ear, but using chords or accents in displacement creates variation and rhythmic interest as well.

This video is taken from the complete course, Music Theory 302: Jordan Rudess: Rhythm Explored. You can find this in the Ask.Audio Academy.

More About the Course 

Jordan dives into rhythm like nobody else can. With his amazing communication skills, he makes the complexities of advanced rhythmic techniques simple and understandable. This course, with its vast collection of online exercises, keyboard closeups and huge downloadable companion PDF, is a valuable resource to anyone who is looking to explore and expand their rhythmic universe.

There's plenty of online exercises in this music theory video course on rhythm.

There's plenty of online exercises in this music theory video course on rhythm.

If you’re an instrumentalist, composer, producer or music teacher… this course is for you. If you compose rock, electronic, classical music or film scores… this course is for you, too! This "Jordan Rudess: Rhythm Explored" course is for everybody who wants to expand their musical command of rhythm! 

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