Music Studio Design Mistakes: How To Stop Your Room Coloring Your Sound

Even without a big budget for soundproofing, it's still vital to set up your studio space as sympathetically as possible. Joe Albano shows you how it's done!  

The key to great productions lies not only in the gear you use to record and mix music but also the design of your studio space, whether it’s a spare room or a dedicated area. In this 6-minute video from the course 10 Common Studio Design Mistakes, Joe Albano explains exactly why the environment you record and mix in is such a vital thing to get right. Specifically, he looks at why you shouldn’t let your room colour or cloud your sound adversely, and how you can avoid this happening. 

Watch all videos in the 10 Common Studio Design Mistakes course in the AskAudio Academy.

Reflection issues can be a problem when designing your studio, and Joe breaks down how low, mid and high frequencies all get reflected differently and how acoustic damping and speaker placement can help to mitigate these issues. He even describes how you can achieve this on a lower budget! Check out this great course to learn more about designing a better studio. 

10 Common Studio Design Mistakes

There are many thing that adversely affect the way your tracks sound, whether you record live or entirely in-the-box. As it turns out, many of them have nothing to do with the actual music! Instead, they have to do with your listening environment. Most home studio engineers think that if they buy the best speakers, then nothing else really matters. Not so fast, dude!

What’s on your walls? What’s the shape of your room? Where are your speakers placed? How amped up is your sub bass? Is your room tuned? How loud do you monitor? All of these questions and many more affect the way your tracks will sound not only in your studio but to all listeners no matter where they are! These are the questions that get answered and explained in this Common Studio Design Mistakes course by expert Joe Albano.

Watching this course gives you 10 essential tips that you can easily apply to your recording space that’ll add clarity and ensure that your tracks will always sound their best! Watch now!

Watch all videos in the 10 Common Studio Design Mistakes course in the AskAudio Academy.


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