Home or project studios are certainly convenient, but not always well-designed spaces. If you're interested in taking your home studio to the next level here's how to make the room nice and quiet.  

Solid Ground 


Moving the Computer

No, really, hire someone to do this if you don’t know how to use a hole saw.
You can turn a messy closet...
... into a computer room!

The Big Picture

 30 meters Thunderbolt cable.
Thunderbolt dock.

What’s Next?

No computer, no hard drives, no noise!!
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I have been wanting to do this for awhile now but the problem i run into is that my closet/server room is located 10m away from the studio. The question i ask is have you had any problems with running your interfaces via thunderbolt with a 30m cable? I have not been able to find a solid result on this issue as people say you should not run it longer then 8m for audio interfaces without repeaters and all that jazz but i just would like to know from someone that has done this have you lost any signal quality/ latency. Awesome article by the way interested to see your feedback. Cheers
Matt Vanacoro
Hi, Graff! It's all going to depend upon the audio interface, but generally there shouldn't be a problem. These cables should be indistinguishable from the typical thunderbolt cable. I found that I can easily run my 3 Apollo Interfaces chained off of one 30m cable with no added latency or degradation. One quirk I did encounter is that when I added the 4th Thunderbolt Satellite UAD unit, the UAD system could have an unreliable 'wake from sleep' and need to be power cycled. This wasn't as much of an issue for me, as I tend to turn off my audio interface when I'm not using it - those Apollo systems can get pretty hot, and I have no need to have them burning up electricity when I'm not recording!

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