Music Scoring Skills: How To Create Epic Buildups

See and hear how to layer and arrange orchestral instruments to create epic buildups and swells that are perfect for creating an emotional response. This video shows you how.  

Composing music is all about creating moods and styles. In this short video from the course Music Scoring 101: Creating Moods And Styles, LA composer Gary Guttman walks you through the important process of composing epic buildups when scoring music - those emotional and triumphant swells that can lift a piece from pedestrian to exciting.

Music Scoring 101: Creating Moods And Styles

Gary shows you several examples using musical notation and audio of how he composes and layers different orchestral instruments in specific keys and tempos to create the kind of emotional response in the listener that he desires. By explaining how different instruments can work together, as well as the tonal limitations of certain instruments, you will see and hear how a professional composer builds mood and tension, as well as learning more insider tips about the process of arrangement. Check out the full course for much more on creating moods and styles when writing music.

Watch the course Music Scoring 101: Creating Moods And Styles in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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