Music Production Tutorial: Back to Basics - Bit Depth, Sample Rate, and Headroom

All modern music makers need to understand audio concepts like bit depth, sample rate and headroom so they can push your production setup to the max. Matt Vanacoro explores the basics and some.  

The specs of modern recording equipment and software plugins are pushing upwards, and it can often be confusing to know which spec is most important to you. If your computer can only handle increasing one, which is better to work with? A higher sample rate, or a larger bit depth? What are the effects of increasing each? Let's take a look in this '

Matt Vanacoro is one of New York's premier musicans. Matt has collaborated as a keyboardist in studio and on stage with artists such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Mark Rivera (Billy Joel Band), Aaron Carter, Amy Regan, Jay Azzolina, Marcus Ratzenboeck (Tantric), KeKe Palmer, C-Note, Jordan Knig... Read More


Andy XR
In the Bit depth section, you then start talking about bit rate. Which is it?

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