If you're looking to understand reverb, the various types and their ideal uses in your mixes, then you're in the right place. Joe Albano is here to explain all this and more.  
Fig 1 Various reverb plug-ins, with different types of reverb

Reverb Primer 

Fig 2 Diagram of a Reverberant Sound Field 


Particular Spaces (Halls and Others) 

Fig 3 Some classic Rooms and Halls

Studio Reverbs (Chambers, Plates and Springs) 

Fig 4 Typical Reverb Chambers 
Fig 5 A mechanical Plate Reverb (top); a plug-in version of a classic Plate Reverb 
Fig 6 A typical Spring Reverb “tank” (like the kind found in guitar amps)

Ambience and “Non-Linear” Reverb 

Make Room for Reverb 


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