Mufin's B2B Audio Recognition Now Available As A Free Demo In The Google Play Store

Mufin's audio identification can now be tested simply. The B2B technology provider has released three demo apps in the Google Play Store.  

Audioid in-app recognition is a patented audio fingerprinting solution that works independently inside any application. Developed by Mufin, it is now available as a free demo on the Google Play Store. Audio recognition can begin as soon as the app is installed. For each of the demo apps, the mufin website offers advertising, movie clips or TV and radio streaming for playback. The audio identification function of the app can be used on these streams.

Identifying Advertising On TV And Radio

The audioid in-app demo includes a database with the acoustic fingerprints of selected advertising clips. These clips can be replayed on the mufin website. When an ad clip is played back, the demo app also extracts acoustic fingerprints from the microphone signal and compares them with the reference database. If they match, the test clip is uniquely identified. Since the reference database is located in the app, no internet connection is required for the identification to take place.

Identify TV Shows, Series And Movies

The audioid server demo app functions in the same way as the audioid in-app demo – except that the reference database is located not in the app, but on a server. This makes it possible to build a very large reference database and to recognize massive volumes of audio.

Identify TV And Radio Channels

Acoustic fingerprints are constantly being extracted from the audio signals from the radio and TV streams listed on the mufin website and stored in a reference database. When a live stream is started, the demo app of the audioid live channel detection captures the audio and converts it similarly into acoustic fingerprints. The software compares the fingerprints from the mobile device with those in the reference database. If they match, the app identifies the broadcast channel uniquely and determines the exact timestamp.

Download the audioid live channel detection demo from Google Play Store:

Go to the live TV and radio streams on the mufin website:

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