MPVHub Аудио Журнал прибыл

MPVHub Audio magazine has arrived!! Find out what it is and why we've created it inside this article...  

Большой секрет выходит ...

Прежде чем я разделяю это действительно захватывающие новости с тобой ... Я бы хотел бы лично поблагодарить вас. За последний год вы будете без сомнения, были следующие концентратор, способы сбора письменных советы, интервью и обзоры для аудио, видео, дизайн

Как велика, как онлайн-концентратор, есть кое-что о журнале, где содержание собранных для вас, что просто чувствует себя прекрасно ... и мы рады, чтобы представить ... (Реплика барабанная дробь) ...

Представьте себе лучшее письменное концентратор содержание тщательно отобранных и вновь разработанные для совершенно нового формата, который у вас есть. Ее цифровой КСН / Android / Mac! Его разделяемых и красиво

MPVHub Audio Magazine cover

MPVHub Audio - New Page (sic!) в освоении музыкального программного обеспечения

Вы будете найти этот вопрос забит с более чем 20-учебник статей по любым аудио программным обеспечением, от логики к разуму, чтобы Native Instruments. Каждая проблема показывает обзор горячих аудио продукции и интервью с именитыми художниками тоже!

Были очень рады, об этом! Наши Предварительно запуск (цифровом) издание является на сегодняшний день всего за $ 0,99!

Узнайте больше о годовую подписку предложения от столь же низко как $ 10,00 в год с некоторыми дополнительными специальными предложениями на .

MPVHub Audio on an iPad

MPVHub аудио на IPad красиво, reponsive и всегда с вами!

Так вот ... MPVHub Audio! Новый способ, чтобы узнать о компьютерных музыкальных решений на ваш Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone или Android устройства!

Получить печатные подписки за $ 19,50 -! Нет доставку и обработку "

Как редактор-концентратор, я хотел бы добавить, что вся наша команда упорно работали, чтобы принести Вам самое лучшее качество статей, охватывающих широкий спектр программного обеспечения. И замуж люблю делать

У нас большие планы на будущее вопросов, эксклюзивные обучающие программы и интервью, вы не будете читать в другом месте. Расскажите, что вы хотели бы видеть в будущем путем отказа нам комментарий ниже.


Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


Oh man ... it's like a dream come true ...
It is the start of something magical! :)
do we get the magazine for free if we are subscribed to mac pro video?
Phil A
Looks interesting. As an MPV subscriber, I understand (according to the email I received) that I'll get a physical copy mailed to me each quarter. A couple of questions: first, does this offer still apply even though I live in the UK?

The other question is if MPV subscribers can get the digital issues free. I took a look at Zinio and there didn't seem to be any option for this, so I guess not.

Cheers, and good luck with the magazine.
@ vivid,

YES! If you are a Online Tutorial Library Subscriber then you get the physical mag for free mailed to your address!

Please make sure to update your mailing address in your account here at macProVideo.

More details will follow closer to the time of the first issue in Jan...
Hi Phil,

Yes! We want to make the physical version of MPVHub Audio available to all of our Online tutorial video subscribers world-wide!

I don't think we're able to are able to offer digital issues (from Jan next year) for free to current subscribers. I'll double-check and let you know.

Thanks :)
sounds good rounik, but is there also the option of the online magazine for free if we are a subscriber? do we get a choice between getting a physical mag and online mag?
i see, the physical version would be my preference anyway.
Thanks vivid!

If you get this pre-launch issue (digital only) we'd love to hear your feedback...

I'm going to get it right now! will post feedback.
Chris Polus
I'm not a subscriber, but I bought the digital issue for a year :) I also like that you can gift an issue to a friend, this is really generous. Thanks a lot MPV!

I had a really hard time figuring out how this works, though. So I'd like to share my experience here for everyone desperately looking for a solution how to send an issue to a friend.

Most of the options only share a link to a single page and the like. This is not what I was looking for. I want to gift an issue!

Also, the Zinio help didn't really help. It said to "Click the Give a Friend a Free Copy button in the top toolbar." There is no such button in the top menu bar! In another help file it says: "Send to Friend
Share an article or an entire publication with a friend or colleague. Fill out the form with the requested information and click Submit." What form? What button do I have to press to get to this form?

Rounik, you assumed one had to download the desktop version of the reader. Fortunately, it also works with the web version of Zinio!

So here's now the DEFINITIVE GUIDE to sending a free copy of the MPV Hub Magazine to a friend :)

Step 1: In the web version of Zinio, go to your library and open your magazine.

Step 2: Click on the "+" plus button in the bottom toolbar.

Step 3: Click "email" and fill out the form. Note: All other sharing methods like link, Facebook, Twitter and such only share a SINGLE article! Only "email" activates a WHOLE publication for a friend so the he/she can download it on their device or browser! He/she needs a Zinio account for this of course.

So, in the end, it's a bit sad Zinio doesn't make this clear and the help FAQ refers to buttons that are clearly not named that way. It also appears this sharing option is only available from the desktop app, which it isn't. But in the web help FAQ there is no sharing function mentioned, only after you've installed the desktop app and open the FAQ you can find this. They're at version 4 now, but haven't managed to complete their help files.

It's a little bit of a usability nightmare. Finding the desktop app for download on the Zinio page is hard (on the bottom somewhere in the footer navigation). Even signing in to the iPad app is hard. When you start it, it asks you to create a new account with no means to signing in to an existing account. You have to dig in the application a bit to find this option. :(

So kudos and congrats for the MPV Hub magazine! You did a cool job here :)

(Not so much kudos to Zinio.)

Wow Chris!

Thanks so much for posting this much needed, comprehensive info...

and I only wish you didn't have to go to such lengths to find out how to gift a mag to a friend! Zinio should get you to re-write their FAQs!!

Also glad to hear you're enjoying the pre-launch issue of MPVHub Audio.

Best :)
We are working on a way to provide MPV Online Tutorial Library subscribers with the option of digital or hard-copy delivery of the MPVHub Audio Magazine.

Soon there will be a way for you to provide your preference ... Ill send you a mail in Mid January that will ask you to:

a) Choose your delivery preference (digital - physical)
b) Verify your mailing address (if you choose physical)
c) Opt-in to receive the magazine

The plan right now is to send a free print issue to ALL subscribers that "opt-in" ... we'll send out more details mid January when Issue #1 is ready to go.

Our goal is to provide EVERY subscriber with a printed volume of the magazine. We've recently discovered how expensive it is to ship outside of North America ... but even still we're sticking with that goal for now.

So yes, we'll send MPVHub Audio Magazine anywhere in the world.

This could change. But we will still send the magazine for free to all international members who were subscribed before, if/when the policy changes. We always honour loyalty & I really want you to have this book ... !!

I am personally sorry about the issues with Zinio. We're working with them to sort this stuff out ...

Also, watch for our Newsstand App, Coming Soon ...

Hope that provides some clarity!

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it would appear that zinio, the way the magazine is delivered digitally, does not work on Mac OS? Seems like a large part of your market will be unable to read the magazine...
Hi LGK_Dude,

Zinio works on Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

Are you having problems viewing it on your Mac?
Good news everyone!

The MPVHub Audio Pre-Launch issue is now available on Apple's Newsstand (iPhone and iPad). I believe this requires iOS 5 - but it makes it simple to find via iTunes store/Newsstand app.

Here's the link to MPVHub Audio on iTunes:

Thanks for your support!

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