MPV Free Stuff: Theremin Patches for Logic Pro

Interested in ethereal / spooky soundscapes? Want to emulate the original Star Trek soundtrack? Or just plain interested in sound design? You'll love these sounds Peter Schwartz has created in Logic.  

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Peter Schwartz
Just in time for Halloween too! :-)
Awesome, Peter, thanks a bunch!
Thank you so much.It's always nice to have new toys to play with.All the best of health.
Jorge Costa
Thank you sir!
Gary Hiebner
Cool Beans! Can't wait to try these out. Thanks Peter!
Thanks MPV and Peter!!

Thanks Peter and thanks MPV. Top notch as always! Your personalities and thoughtfulness are what make you stand apart and above the other online instructional entities.
Peter Schwartz
You're all very welcome! Just some quick programming notes... I took a relatively conservative approach to the LFO speeds & depth amounts, so by all means adjust them to taste. And you'll probably want to adjust according to the tempo of your track. Have fun!
Peter Schwartz
I meant to say, "And you'll probably want to adjust **the portamento speed** according to the tempo of your track.
G.F. Big
Andreas L
Awesome! Thanks a bunch, Peter.

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