MPV Free Stuff: Step Sequencer for Logic Pro

There's something wonderfully intuitive & fun about making music with a Step Sequencer. Sign-in to download an Exclusive & Free Step Sequencer (with Randomizer features) built-in Logic's Environment.  

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Greg M
Thanks Rounik, generous as always!
OMG Rounik! This is so awesome of you to share this! As I've been immersing myself in the environment lately I can imagine how much work this must have been to create. Also I've been getting some good use out of your randomizer lately too. It's inspired me to create a few things myself as well. Thanks again!
Thanks Greg & Bret!

I really hope you enjoy using it. I've gotta say I love using it for creating textural loops... and random rhythmic patterns.

Hi Rounik,

I came across your step sequencer and i have been spending hours jamming with it,
may i ask you if there is a way transpose each pad for every single row, like having x4 step sequencer
with every row having it's own melody running so to speak and not just a fixed melody line.

Again thanks for this.
Hey Brian, thanks!

It's been a long time since I made this step sequencer... in fact I had to re-download it to play with again and gosh I didn't realise how much I had missed it!

You could definitely remove each lane from the sequencer macro and connect it manually to different tracks directly. That way you'd have different sounds per software instrument track. :-)

Let me know if this works out for you.

Fantastic Sequencer! Thanks Rounik!!!!
Super fun. Thank you!

Be aware that you didn't connect the 4th row in the project you posted. Very easy to fix that on our end.


Drag a cable from the 4th outlet of the 'From MIDI Click' Monitor object to 4th row of the step sequencer; the same way you would connect additional rows if you were option dragging to create new ones.

Thanks c2!

You're right. The version 1 didn't have the Click cabled to the 4th row of the Step Sequencer. Good spot :)

I've uploaded an amended version for download whereby all rows are connected properly.

Dear Rounik
always wonderful to meet your work!
Hope you are well and keep loving so much the things you do.
Good luck from this hot italian summer...

your friend

Ciao Roberto!

Thanks my friend & hope you enjoy using the Step Sequencer. You know if you have any suggestions on how to improve it... let me know :)

Best from the UK!
Utopian 811

Nice to see that people are still using the environment to make new things for Logic Pro... Very much appreciated!
Thanks Utopian 811!

Appreciate your comment :)
fantastic ! I always hoped that apple would implement a stepsequencer in logic. but now u did it Rounik!
love the random button!
douze points!
Thanks macha,

Glad you're enjoying it!

Epic stuff Rounik!! This is the missing toy Logic has been begging for. Cheers.
Bravissimo Rounik !!!

Better than a tenori on...
No sync problems, Logic and AU Instruments availables right away with it.

Great, great, great, great !

Thanks !

Tieri from Paris ( France )
Thank you so much for your kind words Tieri - it's much appreciated!

Hope you enjoy using it :)
Cool Man ...
thanks for the app
Glad you're enjoying it :)
I am trying to engineer a different click rate for each row. Is there a way of incorporating 'rate' in the row parameters? That would be exciting.
THank you for excellent environment
Thanks Syntholabo,

In theory this is possible, but would be tricky to implement for rows.

Basically each button/step represents a 16th, I believe the way I made it Logic would simply use the first 8 buttons only if you were to change it to 8th notes.

Would need to re-route and design a fair bit... wish I thought of this when I first built it! Would have been great if I could have implemented different rates per row at the time...

Thanks :)
Thanks Rounik!!! great stuff

i will try rithmik patterns

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