MPV Free Stuff: Logic Pro Rhodes Presets

Logic's EVP88 can create Rhodes pianos, analog basses, Hammond organs and all manner of realistic & eclectic sounds. In this MPV Free Stuff, Toby Pitman shares 10 excellent Rhodes presets for Logic!  

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You are to kind giving us all these presets!
I dont use presets that much, but its always good to taste a little bit of others creativity.
What about some sculpture presets and some sound design tutorials, not necessarily in the dance genre?

Thanks again,
Thanks Toby! Looking forward to hearing!

Bob DeMaa
Ok...I´ve done exactly as stated. Put the filesfolder in the instruments folder.

Still...why don´t the presets show up in my EVP88?
Hi apeachefulwarrior,

That's because they're not EVP88 presets... they're entire channel strips.

Click-hold on the Channel strip button at the top of an Instrument channel strip to access these :)

Hope that helps
I keep receiving a 'file corrupt' message when loading as per your instructions. Why?

I'm running Logic Pro 9.1.5.
I have redowned, unzipped and placed as per your instructions multiple times and receive the same 'file corrupt' message.

Interestingly, my Mainstage 2.1.3 does open, however I receive the same message.

Sorry for the trouble, I appreciate the effort and just love the Hammond.

Thank you.
Yepp...thanks alot for quick respons and answer. They´re great!
@Tom Glad you're enjoying them :)

@stanton_rj, what version of Logic are you running? Please try re-downloading the file, unzipping it and then placing it in the correct folder as per the instructions.
Hi Stanton_rj

Just want to check that you're not double-clicking the preset file (.cst) to try and open them?

Excuse me if you're already aware of this, but you need to access the channel strip settings once inside Logic by creating a software instrument channel strip and then from the library (right hand area) choosing the setting.

Let me know how you get on.
Hi, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

Thank you for the advice, I most certainly will take your advice and get back to you asap. Something very urgent just came up and I must deal with it immediately.

Thank you again.

Hey Toby!

Some real tasty stuff here! Very musical and interesting!

Many Thanks,
Cheers Adam! :)
Nigel Nason
These sound great, very nice bonus to get. Thanks...
Magic Fingers
A client of mine asked me to pull up some Rhodes sounds in Logic, and after googling Logic Pro Rhodes, this page came up on the listings!

I had some other software and analog keyboard options to choose from, but to save time (and stay in my seat), I started by doing a quick internet search, and the client was happy... I just thought I'd bump this thread. Thanks again for the free rhodes presets

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