MPV and iZotope Remix Contest. SongCraft: Producing Hired Gun and DJ Boo [NOW CLOSED]

Win a host of iZotope plug-ins, like Alloy 2, Trash 2 & Stutter Edit in this MPV SongCraft Remix Contest! Simply log-in / sign-up for FREE, download stems, remix & submit before end of Jan 20, 2013.  

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I'm having trouble downloading the third stem - Scratch 02-01. When I click that one, it immediately jumps to the next stem. Any other way of grabbing that one?
Hi sammy,

Sorry about that. Actually Scratch 02-01.aiff is an extraneous file... shouldn't have been there (and contained no content).

Enjoy the remixing process and good luck :)
Cool, thanks!
I've tried to submit twice now and Soundcloud have disabled it immediately because it thinks I'm infringing copywrite. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong?
Hi Alex,

One of my colleagues advised the following:

"We quickly looked at SC policy on copyright infringement, and it seems like they have an algorithm that scans the uploaded mixes for copyrighted content and disables them if there's a hit. I read that some people who have had the same issue have been able to resolve it by simply emailing SoundCloud and explaining to them that all the tracks used were purchased or free to use. Some other people also suggested that making sure the download option is disabled might help."

Could you try both of the above and let us know how you get on?

Hey Rounik,

There was a system by which I could "dispute" the copywrite infringement. Said it was a remix contest, included a link to this page and it got put back up, thankfully before the deadline.

Cheers for your help!

Hey Alex,

What name did you enter under? If it got through before 8am GMT / 24:00 PST then it's in the queue for the artists and Dubways crew to listen to :)
Robbie Dee
Has the winner been announced yet? Did I miss something?
Hi Robbie!

No, you haven't missed anything yet :)

We're hoping for the winner to be announced on the 7th Feb. Quality has been really high, and with NAMM... it's taking us a little longer.

Stay tuned!
No announcement yet? We're dyin' over here! ;)
Hi jvc,

Expect an official announcement this Thursday... or sooner if we can!

Thanks for your patience :)

No Valentine's present for us eh?
Hi jvc,

YES, there is... the results were posted earlier in a recent post today. You'll see it on the main page of !

Here's the direct address:

Do follow us on Facebook or Twitter or RSS the Hub and you'll always be upto date with what's new here :)


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